Monday, April 9, 2012

Promotion - Save $5 on my cookbook!

I am now offering a discount to blog readers who purchase my cookbook from my online store:

The new price for my blog readers is $9.99, a savings of $5.00.  Simply log onto the online store and enter the promotion code "A34FRYCB" at checkout.


Anonymous said...

I was looking at your wonderful recipes on here. I have one issue though. I, as some other people, can not use soy as it will make me gain weight :( . Do you have any suggestions for alternatives in your recipes? I would really love an alternative, especially for the biscuits & fries.

rs gold said...

was considering your wonderful recipes upon right here. I've 1 matter however. My spouse and i, while various other people, are unable to make use of soy as it can make me put on pounds :( . Have you got just about any ideas for options in your dishes? I'd really like a different, specifically for the actual cornbread & fried gold
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Emily @ The Lasik Method said...

Is this an e-book?

Daron said...

No, the recipes are on the blog which can be viewed online. The book is for those who desire a hard copy in paperback.