Monday, May 10, 2010

Falling off...

Why is it that I find it so hard to not fall off the wagon?  And then once off, it is so easy to find excuses to stay off.  About a month ago, when my son was born, I was very short on sleep and spending most waking hours around the hospital.  I was very tired and low on energy which means my body was craving energy dense high carb foods.  Plus for convenience sake, I was stuck with mostly fast-food restaraunts as options.  A salad from McDonalds just didn't seem to be what my body wanted.  So, I slipped.  I ran over to Rally's and bought a burger and fries.  But, I didn't stop there.  I thought to myself, "hey, you already gave in... why not grab a candy bar from the gift shop?  Maybe 2 of them."  I told myself that I'd go back on the diet once I got the family home.  But, I didn't follow through. 

You know, the low-carb diet is not bad at all.  And as long as I don't have many carbs in my system, my body usually doesn't crave sweets nor breads.  So, why is it so hard to get back up there, on the wagon.  How come it's so easy to push it off to anohter day?  Next month, I will be spending some time in Mexico.  Now, instead of going back on the diet, I'm telling myself, "when you return from Mexico, you should go back on the diet.".  Why is it that I tell myself to wait when I know it's best for me to change my habits now?  Even if it was too difficult to do low-carb abroad, I could squeeze in a few more weeks of low-carb before I go.   It's hard to understand the inner workings of my mind.  Why is the short term small high from carbs such a powerful de-motivating factor? 

Luckily, even off-the-band-wagon, I haven't gained back much weight.  But I haven't been losing fat either.  Thanfully, I have had some physical activity from planting my vegitable garden as well as other yard.  Without this, I'm not sure if I'd have gained more weight. 

For now, no promises on when I will return.  I might find motivation here in the next few days or I may just return to the lifestyle when I return to the country after 2-3 weeks in Pueblo, Mexico.  I'm just not sure yet.  Pathetic, huh? 

On a side-note:  A couple of days ago, I bought Wii Fit Plus to replace my old classic Wii fit.  And, I'm happy to say that even with clothing on, I am still under the 330 pound weight limit.  I'm not much into the exercise routines but find the balance games to be fun.  My 4 year old son likes to play them with me.