Friday, February 19, 2010

Please excuse my bitch session

Right now, I'm insanely busy. My wife is pregnant. The baby is due mid April but we may take him out a bit early. So at home we are getting the house ready. My home office has moved into the master bedroom. The 3 year old has moved into my office and we are trying to turn his old room into a nursury. My 3 bedroom, 2200 square foot house once seemed enormous to me but now seems way too small. I'm thinking of buying my parent's house in Cincinnati when they move into a new house that they are currently building. In the meantime, at work my 5 year information systems project is coming to a head with our first North American implementation going live next week at one manufacturing plant in Mexico and one in Indiana. My company originally asked me to be in Mexico the entire month of March, which I refused. I absolutely will not be out of the country during my wife's 3rd tri-mester. At the same time, we are preparing to role the new systems out in 6 more plants in July. So, I am on the road more than ever. After July, I don't have any idea what I'll be doing at work. My project will be done. They want me to either work in California or Canada both of which would suck as I'd only be home on the weekends. I'm sick of being on the road. Anybody know of any good paying ERP or logistics jobs in Cincinatti?

I'll be working from home next week and in Indiana the following week. When I return, they will make a decision on when to induce labor on my wife. And I am taking off a week whenever the baby is born.... plus it'll be hard for the company to get me out of my home office for a while.

But anway, the point I am trying to make is that my life is crazy busy right now. I've got more work on my plate than any normal person plus more than I can get done at home on the weekends.

And throughout all of this, I am dieting. With all of this stress, I wonder if I'd be losing weight even if I wasn't "on a diet". I lost a little over 3 pounds this week. At this rate, I'm guessing that I can reach my target weight in six to nine months... just a little too late to wear a speedo at the beach this summer (yeah, right!).


Tami said...

Just wanted to pop in to say that I hope things lighten up for you soon. Stress stinks!

Remember that 3lbs is a great loss for the week--and it sure beats gaining weight!!

Niki said...

Wow! You really are busy! Good luck with everything. Remember to take good care of yourself. The weight loss is awesome! Congrats! And congrats on the new beautiful baby that's on his way =D

Ginny said...

Don't even Think "Bigger House." Think "Get rid of stuff." Otherwise, you'll just take on bigger headaches.
This too shall pass. That's always what I tell myself, and it works.