Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolution: Lose 100 pounds!

Yes, I am back.... up to 336 pounds that is.  This is exactly what I weighed when I started this blog and a low-carb diet back in 2006.  It is a tie with my previous all-time high.  I am very angry with myself for gaining back 85 pounds.  Why has it been so easy to put off starting a diet?  It was always, "well I'll begin next month" or "I'll begin after the holidays".  Well, the holidays have passed and I'm out of excuses to wait.  Besides, the new year is a fabulous time to start something new.  My New Year's resolution is to lose 100 pounds.  This may sound extreme, but I know it is possible.

For those of you who are new to my blog... you need to understand some of my key obstacles.  My job is the biggest problem.  I travel a great deal and am gone usually 3 to 4 nights a week.  Most of the time, I am staying in Nashville, Tennessee.  The hours at the Tennessee office are 7:30 to 6:30 PM.  My co-workers typically meet up at the hotel lobby around 7:00 PM to head out to dinner.  Considering that Nashville is on Central time and my home clock is Eastern, this is more like heading out to eat at 8:00 PM.  Which puts me back in the hotel around 10:00 PM or so just in time to get ready for bed.  Eating late and going straight to bed is a definite recipe for gaining weight.  Also, because I'm traveling, I can't cook and must dine out.  On top of this, I often find myself traveling overseas.  When dining in other countries, I find it difficult to ask for details of how food is prepared and in places like France, they frown on making substitutions or changes to their menu items.  When at home in Lexington, Kentucky, life is much easier on the diet.  But my wife is now pregnant and therefore is reluctant (rightly so) to join me on my diet.  Our 3 year old son and her may wind up eating different food than me or at least supplementing it with breads and other carby things that I can't eat.  This makes it impossibly to empty the house of temptations.  Medically speaking, I am obese and have sleep apnea but am otherwise healthy.

My stats as of January 1st, 2010:

Weight:  336 Pounds
Waist: Sucked in 54 inches,  Relaxed  57, Puffed out 57.5
Hips:  55
Thigh:  Left 34.5, Right 35
Calf:  Left 20, Right 21
Bicep:  Left 18, Right 19
Forearm:  Left 14, Right 14
Neck:  19
Chest:  51.5
Wrist:  7.5


BMI:  48
% Body Fat 39.2
Lean Weight 204 Pounds
Pounds of Fat:  132
Target Weight (15% body fat):  235 Pounds
Pounds to lose:  101

I am now on day 2 of my journey toward losing over 100 pounds.  Yesterday, I woke up late and had a ham and cheese omelet with low carb toast.  For dinner, I had a large green salad topped with a big portion of chicken salad (like you put on sandwiches.  Today, I had for breakfast bacon and eggs and a piece of low-carb toast.  For dinner, I've started a big batch of PJ's Divine Chili Verde.  This is a wonderful slow-cooked spicy soup made with pork and tomatillos.  I highly recommend you check out the recipe on the Divine Low Carb blog (  I had bought a gigantic pork loin to make the soup and am marinating the rest of it for tomorrow's kabobs.

My strategy this time is as follows.  Keep all meals less than 15 net carbs.  I can have snacks under 10 net carbs as long as they aren't within one our of a meal or another snack.  Also, I will have 4 "carb up days" per month AKA cheat days.  Typically these will be 1 day per week but I will let them float and cluster if need be.  These days off the diet serve two purposes.  One, to keep my metabolism up and prevent my body from conserving energy or going into starvation mode.  And two, I can strategically use these days for special occasions such as birthdays vacations, etc. without feeling as if my will power wasn't strong enough.  This keeps me in a positive frame of mind and gives me something to look forward to.  My favorite carby foods are not out completely but are allowed only on these special "carb up" days.  The downside to this is that a "carb up" day will kick my body out of ketosis (fat burning mode).  Whenever ketosis is broken, it will take three or four days for me to get back into ketosis.  So I might not see those whopping 20 pound per month losses that are common in the first couple months of low-carbing.  But in the long term, I think this plan will prevent my body from trying to conserve energy and will therefore result in more weight loss for the long run.  I will explain my theory on weight loss in more detail in a future post.


Lorelei said...

Hi Daron, I have lost weight before (75 lbs) and gained most of it back as well. I am wishing you well as you start this journey. All the best to you.

Haggus said...

If I could offer you one suggestion, don't regret any cheat meal. Avoid them at all costs, but don't beat yourself up if you falter. Just get back on program and try harder next time.

sweetbabies00 said...

I started again on the first. I too, had lost and gained it all back. Don't beat yourself up over the gain in weight. I'll be cheering you on!

PJ said...

Your traveling makes eating hell, for certain. But you know, you can only do what you can do. Try to 'eat meat', eggs and cheese and not much else, and skip alcohol for water... you can do what you can do, and not more than that. Within those limits, with effort you can probably do fairly well. I wouldn't put a number on the weight loss goal but if that's what inspires you, go to it. I'm sure that you can do well and I'm hoping to accomplish something this year too! We have a whole year now so let's get on it! :-)

Darren said...

Hey man,

Just found your blog. Good luck. Living the Atkins life too. Got a new reader, so make sure you fill us in on all your success!