Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wii Fit

I bought a Wii fit for my wife for Christmas. My two year old is actually pretty good at some of the games on it. While the hand-held controls are a bit difficult for him to manage, he took right to the pad. I also bought the Jillian Michaels disk for it. This is a fitness program by one of the Biggest Loser winners. Both the Jillian disk and the Wii fit disk are actually kind of fun to play with. I don't use either one regularly... I'm not home enough to do anything on a regular schedule.

Warning... maximum weight is 330 pounds. This is with clothing. So, if you're on the edge be prepared for it to sometimes let you play and sometimes tell you that you're too fat. Also, regardless of your weight, the Wii fit disk makes an annoying sound whenever you step on that sounds like it's saying "ouch". The noise, while funny, gets on my nerves.


Juanita said...

My husband bought me the Wii Fit for my birthday the first week of Nov. Other than a week of vacation, I've at least weighed in daily. I'm currently on my 93rd straight day! :)

Between low carbing and Wii Fit plus the Wii My Fitness Coach game, I've managed to lose about 35 pounds.

I have a 16 month old who steps on the board and points the wii-mote at the tv but she doesn't get any of the games and stuff. Don't they have fun trying though?!

NewVision said...

sometimes tell you that you're too fat.

LOL - That is too funny!!!!

I've been wanting a Wii, maybe someday. Glad your having fun with it.

Daron said...

Here's a trick if you are near the weight limit on Wii Fit. Put a folded towel under it... subtracts 10 pounds from our weight... may have the same effect as using on carpet without the foot pegs.

Daron said...

Saw the new Wii fit commercial... appears they are taking into consideration overweight pets now.... You hold your pet while you weight and it calculates their weight...