Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Making Diet Soda Pop

My wife and I are still avidly making our own diet soda pop.... we buy the carbonation and mixes from Soda-Club. The diet cola with Splenda is, in our opinions, far superior to diet Coke and diet Pepsi. The diet orange is awesome too. It's great that we can adjust the mix up or down to suit our tastes. I know it's not cheap to buy the equipment, but after the initial investment, it's much cheaper than buying soda at the stores. And, it's easier than lugging tons of cans and bottles of liquid home from the store. If any of you try it out, please come back and post your comments here.

Progress Slows... Taking breaks when sick...

My initial method this time was: Keep each meal to less than 15 net carbs with snacks of under 15 net carbs no closer than one hour to a meal or another snack. It resulted in a quick 30 pound loss followed by a plateau. I know that your body can not easily store fat if there is a shortage of carbohydrates, regardless of calorie intake. Some people claim that you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. There may be some truth in this however, I didn't have a deficit during the initial weight loss yet it still worked. But, alas, my body has apparently adapted and as usual, weight loss slows to a crawl. I'm sure that I can lose more weight but I have accepted that it will likely be a long drawn out time period. It's so frustrating how easy we can gain weight when it is so hard to take off!

I had planned on taking Valentines day off of the diet... And come V-Day, I came down with a really bad cold. I've been fighting it for the last 4 days. During this time, I thought it might be wise to ease off the low-carb diet so that my body would be sure to get adequate nutrients, calories, and vitamins to fight off the cold. I'm feeling somewhat better today... if I'm 90% tomorrow, I go back onto the low-carb diet. Either way, I should be back in the swing of things this coming weekend...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wii Fit

I bought a Wii fit for my wife for Christmas. My two year old is actually pretty good at some of the games on it. While the hand-held controls are a bit difficult for him to manage, he took right to the pad. I also bought the Jillian Michaels disk for it. This is a fitness program by one of the Biggest Loser winners. Both the Jillian disk and the Wii fit disk are actually kind of fun to play with. I don't use either one regularly... I'm not home enough to do anything on a regular schedule.

Warning... maximum weight is 330 pounds. This is with clothing. So, if you're on the edge be prepared for it to sometimes let you play and sometimes tell you that you're too fat. Also, regardless of your weight, the Wii fit disk makes an annoying sound whenever you step on that sounds like it's saying "ouch". The noise, while funny, gets on my nerves.


Last week was to be my only full week at home for January and most of February. There was an ice storm early in the week that brought down trees everywhere. Some 600,000 Kentuckians were left without power including my house. After a couple of days, we had to set everything from my fridge and freezer outside to stay cool. The frozen meats all thawed and the other stuff froze. I took the family to my parents house which is an hour and a half away. I worked from their house part of the week. Saturday we returned home... still no power. I had some really good exercise sawing up the large tree that fell in my front yard. My wife took our meat and the kid to her parent's house, about 2 hours away, where she remains. I spent Saturday night on the sleeper sofa in front of the fireplace and left for Nashville the next day. I can't imagine how the pioneers dealt with not having electricity. I now realize how for granted we take it. I'll be heading home tomorrow and will finish cutting up my trees this weekend. Everything's been so hectic lately that I haven't even thought about jumping onto a scale in over a month. I have absolutely no idea how much or how little I have lost recently. But, I have actually pretty much stuck with low-carb throughout all of it.