Saturday, December 6, 2008

Progress Report

Well, it's only day six of being back to low-carb. When I started, I was up to 311.6 pounds... This morning, I weighed only 301. I'm sure that some but not all is water weight. Either way, it's a good ego boost that will help keep me going. As long as I see progress, it's easy to stick with the low-carb life. It's after six months or so when the weight loss slows down that it becomes very frustrating.

I'm so angry with myself for having gained back so much of the 85 pounds that I lost (now over a year ago). While eating carbs, I was keeping it off pretty good while walking around Paris, France. But when I returned home in July the pounds started adding up really fast. My diet was horrendous. The more carbs that I ate, the more carbs that I craved. The funny thing is that if I keep my carbs extremely low for at least a few days then all of the carb cravings go away.

My wife made some excellent spinach & feta quiche the other day. She started with a base recipe from a diet book and made it better. I'll try to post her recipe and maybe some pictures within the next few weeks.

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