Friday, December 12, 2008

Dining Out on Low Carb

Eating on the road seems to be one of my major themes. At least for the next year it will be mostly U.S. domestic travel rather than international. I'm spending about 75% of my time right now living in a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. As such, I eat out most of the time. Lunch is extremely difficult as most of my co-workers would be happy at Taco Bell or McDonalds. So, I wind up being the difficult one with only about 3 local options that are guaranteed not to talk long. Option 1 is Chicago Gyros which has an incredible amount of mystery meat on top of a salad. Option 2 is a Chinese buffet where I tend toward the broccoli and meat stir-fry the carb count of which I haven't got a clue. And Option 3 is Bar-B-Cutie which has an awesome selection and is fast. I'd like to see Bar-B-Cutie franchises spread as it's economical and filling even on low-carb. I think it'd go over in just about any part of the country.

Dinner presents many more options. The only annoying part is that I have to look picky and negotiate lots of substitutions. For example, asking "what can I substitute for my bread, and potato?". Whenever you ask for substitutions, expect either the waiter or the cook to screw it up.

More than anything, after being on low-carb again for just under two weeks, I am already getting really sick and tired of salads. Argh! But there are often no other options at some restaurants.

Another peeve is company functions where I have very limited choices. 2 nights ago, I was at such an event. We had apostatizes including fried cheese, nachos, fried mushrooms, etc. This was followed by a variety of sandwiches with fresh fried potato chips. And that was followed by dessert. So, I had to hang around all evening immediately following work pretending not to be starving watching everyone else eat and guzzle beer as I slowly picked the breading off my cheese sticks and then ate a slice of lunch meat off my sandwich and finally watched everyone eat the decedent desserts.

On the bright side... Last night, upon returning to Lexington, my wife and I went to a pizza and pasta place called Puccinni's Smiling Teeth. Puccinni's has a small low-carb section on their menu with two dishes that are so incredibly delicious and filling that I could go back and eat there every day.

chicken torino chicken breasts with pesto, bubbling Monterrey jack, toasted pecans &
bacon, sautéed mushrooms 10.95

baked roman holiday two chicken breasts capped
with thin canadian ham, alfredo sauce, provolone & bacon 11.50

Locations are in Indianapolis, West Lafayette Indiana, Lexington Kentucky, Louisville Kentucky, and Bucceto's in Bloomington Indiana.

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October said...

Ooo, I wonder if there is a Puccinni's Smiling Teeth downtown Indy. I'll have to look that up.

I know what you mean about standing around watching other people eat. We had a Christmas party at work today and everyone was drinking something called "Bahama Mamas" that looked soooo good. I drank a diet big red. Everyone also brought a dessert. I brought coconut bark so that I would have a dessert, but all of those carby cakes and cookies looked good enough to cry for. I'm proud that I was good. I know it's sometimes tough, but you were good too. Grats!