Saturday, October 11, 2008

Home Made Soda Pop Results

It's been almost two weeks since I mixed up some old fashioned ginger ale. There has now been ample time for the yeast to eat up the sugar which causes natural carbonation. I made 2 batches. One with a full load of sugar and one with just barely enough sugar for the yeast to eat plus some sucralose. The sugar one was in a two liter bottle. The low sugar version was split into two one liter bottles. And here's the results....

The control with a full load of sugar did not carbonate. The bottle is still flimsy.

However, one of the two low-sugar bottles did carbonate. The bottle felt hard and when pouring it into a glass, it had fizz. The other low-sugar bottle is still flat. The fizzy one tastes a little off. I'm thinking it might be mildly alcoholic. I'm not sure if it's a healthy drink so I'll probably not consume any more than a swallow.

I had suspected that if anything carbonated it would have been the full sugar version. I can't figure out why one low-sugar bottle became carbonated and the other did not. When funneling the mixtures into bottles, I filtered it. I did this so that I wouldn't have lemon pulp and ginger shavings in the beverage. But, I wonder if the filter didn't take out some of the yeast. This might explain the inconsistent results.

So, in short the experiment failed. If I want to make my own low-carb carbonated beverages, I think that I should stick with the modern method of using a soda fountain or soda siphon. The modern method of forcing carbon into the drink seems much safer than fermenting.

If any of you have made your own diet soda pop, I'd love to hear your stories and get some advice.


krambow said...

Granted this isn't making your own soda with yeast. But I love my (and the syrup they have is made with splenda even the "normal" syrup is lower in sugar. (and no i do not work for them, I have just been using the soda maker for a couple of years now and still like it.)

Not So Skinny said...

I'm happy to have found your blog. I too have had my own weight struggles, which I'm working on curbing right now through an ultra-low-carb, protein sparing modified diet fast. It's always worked well for me in the past, and so far it's worked really well. I started on October 16th, after taking some rather disturbing pictures of myself. I'm 6'2, weighed 250.6 pounds at the time of the photos, and this morning weighed 239.0. That's 11.6 pounds in just a matter of days. Sure, most if not all of that is water weight - but it's certainly made things fit nicer, it's made me feel better, it's just fantastic! I'm so happy to have come across your recipes. I am eager to try them!

Anonymous said...

There used to be a little mom and pop drive in near me that had home made diet rootbeer. they guy claimed he had had it tested to be very very low in carbs. My wife could tell it was sweetened with asparateme but god it was SO GOOD. then they stopped making it and just make the 'real stuff' Thats the low carb life, losing so many good things.

Anonymous said...

I tried making a diet ginger beer with a combination od Splenda and sugar. Essentially I used 1 cup of sugar for 5 gallons of water, and 9 cups of Splenda for sweetening. I used 1 tsp. of yeast dissolved into the liquid.

I stirred it all up and bottled it. After 2 weeks it was good. Just about right as far as carbonation. At 3 weeks, I opened a bottle. There was a Vesuvius of foam: most of the contents of the bottle ended up on the floor.

I had e mailed the Splenda company. They had assured me that Splenda does not ferment. Unfortunately, they were wrong: apparently there is something in Splenda that does ferment.

I am thinking about trying Stevia/Truvia in home made soda, but that sruff is terribly expensive.

alcohol rehab said...

Experimenting on drinks that may contain alcohol volume is quite unsafe. It's because of the unknown percentage of alcohol volume that could be present in that drink. Sticking to fruit juices would be safer and healthier than compared to drinks containing alcohol.

Anonymous said...

you can't filter it before bottling it. You most certainly are removing the yeast. Filter the ginger and lemon afterwords if you must. Second the 3-4 days it takes to carbonate, there isn't a chance in hell that you have more than near beer alcohol level 0.05% there might be some, but you would have to have an unsealed bottle that would just let the co2 escape for a few weeks, then add more yeast and sugar to get alcohol.