Monday, June 30, 2008

The Best of June

This month, I have been traveling extensively. I worked a few days in Nashville and three weeks in France. I brought my family to France with me. So, during the day I worked and during the evenings I was a tour guide. As a result, I've not read all of the posts on each of my favorite low-carb blogs. Of what I have read, my favorite posts for June were...

  1. All About Carbohydrate and Calorie Cycling & A Few Abs Articles To Boot on Kudos for Low Carb. Carol pulls together numerous articles on carb-cycling.
  2. Country Biscuits w/ White Gravy .... MLBF heads South on Mr. Low Body Fat's Blog. MLBF discusses travel issues ranging from airplane seatbelts to sampling regional foods.
  3. The American Way on The Bionic Broad's Low-Carb Blog. Ever notice how unhealthy everyone looks during their rush-hour commute?
  4. Reasons Dieters Get Stuck & Solutions - Number 2: Low Carb Verses Low Fat, Part 2 on Kudos for Low-Carb. Carol says, "I really cannot help but notice that the majority of low carbohydrate dieters I come in contact with say that they rarely or never reach goal." She discusses some potential causes and solutions.
  5. Is Your Low-Carb Honeymoon Over? on The Lighter Side of Low-Carb. Cleochatra discusses the frustration of long term low-carbing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Best of May

Here's a list of blog posts that I enjoyed reading in May....

  1. Low-carb and calories on Health and Nutrition by Michael R. Eades, M.D. Dr. Mike explains why we often plateau after several months of successful low-carbing.
  2. Is it the Carbs... Or the Calories on Kickin' Carb Clutter. Vickie comments on Dr. Mike Eades' blog post on low-carb and calories. Do calories really make all the difference or does the metabolism's "adaptation" kick in or both?
  3. Nothing is Certain - Of This I am Sure on Low Carb Confidential. We low carbers might feel a bit alone in the world, but maybe it’s because we know we have to question everything - we have to think, and thinking is something most people avoid as much as possible.
  4. Sugar Addiction on Johnny Bowden's blog. This article discusses the reality of sugar addiction.
  5. I Found Gold on The Divine Low Carb. PJ says, "I have learned so, so much from low-carbing. Ironically, only some of the things I've learned have much to do with the carb count of foods."
  6. Zucchini Quiche... on Oh.2.B.Fit. Niki gives us a great summer recipe. I always plant zucchini in my garden and am anticipating another huge crop this year! I'm always looking for more recipes! You can't beat this low-carb veggie.
  7. Coca-Cola and Cargill Announce New All-Natural Sweetener on Healthy Low-Carb Living. Carol discusses a new breed of sweeteners: stevia, truvia, and rebiana.
  8. Another 33 Fabulously Fun Low-Carb Blogs on Livin' La Vida Low-Carb. Jimmy tells us about several low-carb blogs. Most appear to be fairly new.
  9. Who says Low Carb Doesn't Work? on Low Carb Lollygagging. Another success story.
  10. No Sweets for the Sweet from The Bionic Broad's Low-Carb Blog. A brief discussion on her personal experience regarding the lack of sugar cravings while low-carbing.