Friday, May 30, 2008

Jicama Hash Browns - 5 net carbs

My wife and I both love jicama hashbrowns! These taste a bit sweeter than potato hashbrowns but are equally good if not better.

Makes two servings at 5 net carbs per serving.


Splash of oil
2 cups coarsely grated jicama
1 t. dried onion flakes (optional, add one net carb)
Salt to taste


Grate jicama on a coarse cheese shredder. Heat oil in skillet on medium high. Add jicama and optional onion flakes. When brown, put them on paper towels then sprinkled with salt. Perfect side item for breakfast or dinner.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I saw your blog about living in Paris and following a low carb lifestyle. Looking at some of your recipes, the ingredients look quite strange, I haven’t really experimented with other types of baking products, flours, liquid sweeteners etc. Anyway, do you buy these things in Paris because I would like to find a low carb shop. But it’s not really a Parisian diet, and I haven’t found any yet.

Daron said...

I live in Kentucky, USA. I don't live in France. I've worked in Paris 2-3 weeks per month since January. When there, I'm forced to eat out in restaraunts. And, I'm not at all fond of French food.

As for strange ingredients. Jicamas are a bit unique... I'd never heard of one a year ago. But they are sold in just about every local (Lexington, KY) grocery store. I'm not sure how I never noticed them before.

Other "unusual" ingredients for baking are mostly nut meals/flours that could be made by grinding nuts. Mixes such as carbquik & special sweeteners I buy online.

Lauren said...

I've never tried to make hashbrowns out of jicama, but they sound great! Will give these a try. Thanks for all of your wonderful EASY lc recipes. Yours was one of the first lc blogs I found. It has been most helpful on my journey. Thank you, Daron!

Mudda said...

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank YOU! Since finding your blog and using your recipes Ihave dropped 40+lbs! YAY!! I've got a long journey to go but you have helped tremendously!

Masa said...

Ok, I am a long time Foodie and no/low carb dieter. But, I LOVE LOVE Hash Brown casserole, so when i saw this recipe I wanted to take it one step further... so I made the casserole with jicama instead of potatoes and found my self full and oh so Happy!
I fed it to the Hubby and he thought it was AWESOME!
Many Thanks