Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My garden space is very small. I have one patch that is 10 ft. x 20 ft. And another small flowerbed that is about 6 ft. x 6ft.

Last night, I planted most of my garden. I still haven't done my spinach, radishes, nor cucumbers. I'll hopefully get these down today or tomorrow. What I have planted to far is the following:

  • 1 Stevia
  • 8 varieties of tomatoes... 3 better boys, 2 lemon boys (my favorite), 1 brandywine, 1 100-cherry, 1 roma, 1 rainbow, 1 Cherokee purple, 1 mariglobe (unsure what this is).
  • 10 different pepper plants ranging from sweet to extra hot.
  • 2 basil plants. 1 mound of zucchini
  • 9 broccoli plants.
  • Parsley (came back from last year).

In addition, I have some mystery squash that came up on their own. These are either pumpkins or cushaws resulting from my dumping last fall's yard decorations.

And, I also have several fruit trees and some grapes in my back yard. Sadly, these aren't low-carb.

The spinach, stevia, and broccoli are an experiment. I've never tried to grow any of these before. I'm especially curious about the stevia. I'm not sure what it's like fresh nor exactly what to do with it afterwards. I planted just one but am not sure if it will be enough. If anyone knows of any recipes for fresh stevia, please let me know!

The basil is a companion crop to the tomatoes. Once the basil begins flowering, it'll drive off most of the insects that eat tomatoes. This means I will most likely not have to use any pesticides! I' also putting down newspapers on the ground throughout the garden. This will hold in moisture and keep out the weeds. To make it look nicer, I'll put straw on top of the newspaper.

And, because I'm traveling so much this year, I bought a twenty dollar timer for the water hoses... Hopefully I can keep everything alive even though I'll be gone several two week stretches.

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