Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What have I been eating?

I've been in Paris and back on my diet now for one and a half weeks. I didn't bring ketostix with me but know I am losing weight as I have that nasty ketosis breath and stinky piss. I know it's hard to believe, but I even feel like my pants are already looser and my stomach doesn't seem to look as big. It will be very interesting to weigh-in and measure when I get home.

Doing low-carb on the road is hard. Doing it in France, on the road, is even harder. Some of you may be wondering what I've found to eat.... and whether I've been exercising.


Most mornings, I use the hotel microwave to make scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. I brought some low-carb wraps from home that I occasionally use to make quesadillas.


On weekdays, I eat in the company cafeteria. It's not too hard because you can see what you are getting before you put it on the tray. They usually have extremely large portions of green beans, cauliflower, and other veggies. Typically I also have a side salad and/or strawberries. Meats are often way undercooked, even cold in the middle. I'm starting to get used to eating things extremely rare, something I never do at home. The portions are also typically quite small. Often, I ask them to double it. The meat selection changes daily but usually consists steak, veal, fish, and duck. I indulge in the rich sauces but not in the potatoes, breads, and desserts. So, regardless of what happens at dinner, I've had at least one really hearty meal about 1:00 in the afternoon.


Dinner is difficult. Most meals have a small meat portion and large sides mostly of french fries, potatoes, or pasta. I don't speak French yet so I am unable to ask for substitutions. But, I have found a few really good dishes at an Italian restaurant. My favorite is veal topped with ham & cheese in a brothy sauce with a side of the best dang green beans I've ever eaten. It seems that the veal portions are usually larger than (adult) beef portions. About 2 miles away (30 minute walk), there is a restaurant with German sausages and sour kraut. This week, I have had fish about every other day. There's also many shwarma (chawarma, gyros, donar kabob) shops around. I like the shwarmas even though most are bit gristly and fatty. I know of only one that has really good quality lean meat but I can't eat half the meal as it is accompanied with french fries and couscous. Last night, I had veal smothered in cheese ontop a bed of pan fried potatoes and mushrooms (I ate around potatoes). I've drunk some beer and wine, but not gone way overboard.


I brought from home beef jerky and slimjims. From a local grocery, I bought some small individually wrapped cheese (babybell) and various salted nuts. And, I bought some (almost bitter) dark chocolate (3-6 net carbs per square). I munch on the snacks in-between meals throughout the day. Having low carb snacks on hand really makes it easier as I don't allow myself to get hungry.


I don't go out of my way to exercise. But in Paris walking is an essential means of transportation. This week, I've been wearing my pedometer. I have ranged between 4 and 7 miles of walking per day. But, I'm sure that I've done much more on some previous stays here.

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