Monday, April 28, 2008

Status Update

During my first three weeks back on the plan, I lost ten pounds. Both my waist and hips now measure one inch less. However, I'm still about twenty pounds more than I was before I went off the plan six months ago.

Now, when I say "back on plan", it isn't totally true. I have had a few days off plan during these three weeks. I went off for three days in Munich and again for my son's 2nd birthday party. Special occasions are my weakness. I tell myself that if I'm in it for the long hall and that if it is truly a lifestyle change then special occasions must have a place. It's far too easy to label a day as special and throw the plan out the window. Obviously, the days off haven't hurt too much. I'm ecstatic about my recent success and am glad that these "days off" didn't result in falling entirely off the wagon. But it's always difficult to snap back.

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