Monday, April 21, 2008

Eating & Drinking in Germany

This last weekend, I was in Munich, Germany. Compared to France, Germany is low-carb heaven! The Germans have very large meat portions and many low carb veggies to choose from. On Friday night, we had crispy roasted suckling pig with sauerkraut. It tasted even better than it sounds.

Unfortunately, my will was weak. My suckling pig came with a side of two large potato dumplings. I'd never seen dumplings like these. They weren't at all like gnocchi as they were about four inches long. And, I gave in. Not only did I eat the dumplings but allowed my co-workers to talk me into trying some authentic Bavarian apple strudle.

Saturday, I had a single slice of pizza, a small portion of speitzl, and way too many huge beers along with a few shots of jegermeister. I don't think I've had that much to drink since I was in college.

Sunday, I had pizza, a sandwich, and ice cream. So, from a diet perspective, this weekend was a total bust. But, today I'm back on the wagon here in Paris. Next weekend I'll be home and we're having my son's second birthday party. I plan to take off that day and enjoy some cake and ice cream with our guests.

Regardless, I will have been on-plan all but 3 days during a 3 week period. Plus we've been doing an insane amount of walking. So, I am almost certain that I will have experienced decent weight loss. We'll find out Saturday morning during my next weigh in.

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