Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back on Track and Going to Paris

I just got home from a Caribbean cruise during which time, I gained back additional weight. Tomorrow, I return to Paris. I'll be there three weeks this month. When I get there on Monday, I will also go back to a low carb lifestyle. I know it will be tough as I am not always certain what I am ordering in restaurants. But, I'm going to give it a shot. This time, I'm bringing some food with me. I've got several packages of pre-cooked bacon that I can quickly nuke. I'm also bringing some flat-out wraps to make quesadillas out of. For an evening snack, I've got a can of boiled peanuts. And, I've got slim jims and jerky for mid-afternoon snacks.

Because we eat a late lunch, a good low-carb breakfast will be critical. Unlike at home, I can't make low-carb cheesecake. My hotel has a small fridge and microwave. So, upon arrival, I plan to hit the local franpree market and buy some eggs, cheese, and Pepsi max. I'll be nuking up some pre-cooked bacon and omelets. It shouldn't take very long to whip up this breakfast.

Lunch on work days won't be too rough as it is a cafeteria and you simply put what you want to eat on your lunch tray. Dinner is my main concern. I know the basic food words but typically don't know enough French to understand how the food will be prepared. But, I think I'll be able to manage.

My weight is now up to 284 pounds. This means that while off the diet plan, I have gained back 33 pounds of the 85 that I had lost. As soon as I get some time, I'll create a new spreadsheet for sharing my progress. However, unlike before, I will not be able to post my weight and measurements at regular intervals. Tonight before I go to bed, I'll measure my waste & hips (a much better indicator of progress than weight loss).


cleochatra said...

Hopefully you're having a great time in Paris, though! What an exciting opportunity!

Daron said...


The novelty of being in Paris has warn off. It now feels like just another big city. I'd much rather be home with my family... :-(