Friday, April 11, 2008

Almost Planting Time

Spring is here and it's almost time to start planting our vegetable gardens! I wanted to get this post up a month before planting so that I might stir up some discussion. I'm looking for some ideas as to what I should grow this summer. Especially of interest are low to semi-low carb veggies that taste substantially better home grown, are expensive to buy at the grocery store, or are extremely prolific.

I usually grow a variety of tomatoes. My favorites are better boys and lemon boys. These are not very low-carb but can be eaten in moderation. Typically, we also plant various peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and asparagus.

Last year, we grew tomatillos which were very tasty. Another year, we tried brussell sprouts with great success. But what do you do with a bumper crop of brussel sprouts?!?!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I live in Kentucky so most things will grow okay but not Jicamas nor tropical plants.


Euge said...

I would recommend spaghetti squash. There is such a difference between the good stuff and what you get in the supermarket; it is totally worth growing.

Wifezilla said...

I am trying Kale this year. Spaghetti squash is pretty easy, but does require a lot of space. Last year, squirrels ate all my lemon I am only growing green ones this time.

Do you grow any herbs? They are so easy to grow, cheap to get starter plants, and can save you a fortune over store prices on dry or fresh. I have had fantastic luck with thyme, rosemary, sage, chives, and mint. (You do have to watch the mint likes to take over.)

Anonymous said...

Zucchini and broccoli are two of my favorites! Our climates are probably very similar (I'm in Nashville). If you can find snow peas, those are also great.