Monday, March 17, 2008

Airplane Food

Recently, I have been flying across the Atlantic Ocean two times per month. I thought that I'd be smart and request diabetic meals. My expectation was that these meals would be low carb. I was wrong. In fact, I'm not even convinced that the "diabetic" meals are lower in sugar than the regular meals. These meals typically come with a very small portion of meat on top of rice. On the side is bread, crackers, cheese, salad, and fruit. One time the fruit was strawberries and blueberries which is good. But more often it is grapes and cantaloupe which is bad. My last "diabetic" breakfast consisted of a bagel, "low sugar" jelly, cantaloupe, and orange juice. The "normal" breakfast would have been almost the same except with a croissant and regular jelly.


Wifezilla said...

Maybe a "diabetic meal" means a meal that is supposed to MAKE you diabetic?

adrienne said...

I feel your pain with airline food - I just order the chicken and know that it will not be a low carb meal. I like the meals on Northwest though and even though I am very strict at home, in the air I do endulge in those scrumptious pretzels!

Other choices for eating out low carb in France are:
Poulet rotie (roast chicken (again sub green beans for potatoes)
Steck (beef steak) and agneau (lamb). Kebabs are usually safe too.