Monday, February 25, 2008

Still too fat...

I was looking through a list of excursions for our upcoming cruise. The side trip that caught my eye was horse back riding on the beach. At the end of the excursion description it lists weight requirements. You must be under 240 pounds to ride the horses. Crap! Even after shedding all of this weight, I'm still too fat to ride a horse. I know that I am still a bit overweight, but I feel great. This is just one more sign that I need to get my act together and get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Still off of the Band Wagon, in Paris Again

I'm in Paris again this week and next. I've been ill the last couple of days. I slept for nearly 18 hours last night, skipping work today. I hope I'm better tomorrow as I'd hate to be ill on the weekend. I've started a travel blog ( if anyone is interested. If I make it downtown this weekend, I'll post some more pictures.

I'm still off of the band wagon. Last time I was in Paris, I walked so much that I lost a few pounds even while eating poorly. I'd hoped to do the same this time. In the 3 weeks between trips however, I gained back those three pounds and then some. This while walking 2 to 4 miles per day. I just don't think 2 to 4 miles compares to what I must be walking in Europe. I brought a pedometer this time but keep forgetting to wear it.

And, to my disappointment, I've got a swollen spot now where a stretch mark is growing again! How the heck can my skin be stretching so soon after shedding 85 pounds. I feel like my skin is loose, it shouldn't be growing new stretch marks even if I put back on a few pounds. Oh well. Maybe this will open my eyes and get me motivated again. But, I can think of 1000 reasons not to go back on the diet (er lifestyle?). Top of the list is that I'm taking my wife on a Caribbean cruise at the end of March. She's thinking about dieting to look better at the beach and I'm thinking about not dieting as I'd be too tempted to break it when they offer me an all you can eat midnight buffet. Am I terrible or what?

I have a year plus of being loyal to the low carb lifestyle. I've come up with some exceptional recipes. I've found that low carb while dining in France is do-able. But, now that I no longer feel aches and pains in my body I find it so hard to get back on plan. The goal was to be healthier not to be skinny. But if I don't get back on plan, I risk sliding...