Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Something to exercise?

I got sent home from France one week early. During my two weeks working in Paris, I was bad and ate dessert at both lunch and dinner. Yet, I still managed to lose a few pounds. What's the deal? I suspect it is due to excessive walking. European cities are set up for pedestrians. In America, we drive everywhere and walk very little. I think that this may be a very significant cause of obesity in America. I attribute this walking to my weight loss. Since I will be in Paris for 2 to 3 weeks per month for the next six months or so, I think that I may try doing low-carb at home but not in Europe (starting in February).

Another bright note: Two years ago, the airplane seat belts were too short and I always had to ask for an extender. Now, not only do the belts fit but there is some slack length to spare. This kind of reminder is nice because it's easy to forget just how fat I was before doing low carb. Without such reminders, I might grow too complacent and slide back into plumpness.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hi BigDaddyD, I popped over here from WEGO Health. Welcome home from Paris and kuddos for losig weight while there! I agree with you on the walking too. We need to do more of that over here.

blips said...

Just found your blog. Man you are great, I like the information you gathered of all the low carb food. Now I have to cook some of it for my and my wife.
I'm so happy we have a dog that needs a walk every day for 30 minutes, that was she is telling us so we do that. Also going to the gym helps a lot. I can adhere if you are out of your town it is hard to eat right and exercise, I'm just back from Bellevue WA altough the hotel had a gym that I used every day Is till gained 3 pounds.
I'm originally from the Netherlands and there we use a bike for everything, great for working out too.
Good luck I will be back to read more.
Greetings from Minnesota.
Blips form

yoostabehot said...

You've got another fan Big Daddy...I like the way you think and it's so nice to see myself in your thoughts and observations. You are an inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my big...heart.
My story in a nutshell...In 2004, I lost 40 pounds low carbing. I went from 190 to 150...looked great, felt great...then an emotional trainwreck in my life sent me back to the bakery and over the last few years I slowly put it all back on and then some (as of Feb 1, 08 I tipped the scales at 235...yowza!) I am 44, female and 5'6" - I am now on day 4 of the South Beach Diet...and I'm over the carb withdrawal blahs...but haven't gotten the visible weight loss momentum yet. Reading your blog today has been a HUGE emotional boost. Your recipes sound GREAT and there are so many...thank you for sharing them. Oh fyi, I stumbled across your blog while searching for info on the pros and cons of maltodexetrin...THANKS for the great tip about Sweetzfree...I can't wait to try it. I was eating a lot of "sugar-free" products that probably aren't helping the cause.
Thanks again and I'll be back.

Do you ever think of posting a few photos of Paris on your blog?

Sherrie said...

Just keep persevering, you can do it!

Have you considered doing resistance training?

v belts said...

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