Thursday, January 3, 2008

Junk Food Junkies

A few days ago, my wife and I were watching a show on MTV about people going to drug rehab. Two junkies in a row were getting high "one last time" on their way to rehab. My wife commented on how they were doomed to fail because they didn't have the right attitude from the beginning... They all wanted one last binge before giving up their vice.

My wife and I aren't much better. We too are "junkies" but with an addiction to junk food. More than once, we have begun a diet by binging "on last time". We love our vices so much that we try to get in as much pleasure as possible before finally letting go. And, doing so does in fact mean that we are not necessarily serious and committed to our goal.

It's extremely difficult to quit being a junk food "junkie" when you are surrounded by temptation. Even though it is hard, with drugs you can move to a new town and surround yourself by new acquaintances thereby avoiding temptations. But with foods, it's always there, an arm's length away. You can empty your house of junk food but you are still bombarded with advertisements and cleverly located comfort foods next to just about every cash register anywhere. There's no getting away from the temptation. Perhaps we need a rehab established for junk food addicts? This would be a controlled environment free of all temptation... a "fat camp" for adults... And, if only insurance would pay the bill as they sometimes do for other forms of rehabilitation....


Julie said...

Welcome back! I enjoy your site. One thing I've learned from my lifetime of dieting is that the idea of being totally deprived of something I enjoy with no flexibility sets me up for failure. This time around with lowcarb (I've changed my eating for the past 10 months and have lost 20 pounds and gone down 2 sizes), I will not deprive myself of something I want. When I follow a stricter plan during the week and allow some freedom on the weekends or for social occasions (not binging), I don't feel the urge to be out of control or suffer the "guilt" of falling off a plan. I don't have any "last day binges" because I know I can make the choice anytime to have something higher carb. What I find is that eating lowcarb gives me more control overall.

I hope you are able to get back to what works for you. Thanks for your blog!

Suzique said...

Gosh, sign me up for junk food rehab! Can we add a special rehab class for bread addiction? Always enjoy your blog!

courtney said...

I often think the same thing! Imagine telling a drug user to only use in moderation! HA. I am a total food adict, but you still have to eat, so you are forced to live your addiction every day, there is no getting away from food. And everything always revolves around food--celebrating at restaurants, birthdays etc...I guess there is just no end for us food junkies!!