Sunday, January 13, 2008

In Paris

I have been in Paris for a week now. With all the walking I am doing, I'm likely to be losing weight even without dieting. I've kept a keen eye on available foods and menus. It looks like doing low carb here would be easier than eating out at home. Meats and veggies are plentiful. The only down side is that you constantly pass little bakeries that display fantastic looking pastries in their store windows. But even the desserts are not as sweet as at home.

Since arriving, I have also noticed that there seem to be almost no fat Parisians. Everyone's extremely thin. I'm not yet sure if it is because they eat a big lunch and small dinner, their overall diet, or that they do much more walking than we Americans. I went shopping the other day and couldn't find any shirts big enough to fit me. At home, I wear mostly 2XL but sometimes now XL's are big enough. But here, a 2XL seems to be the size of an XL and most are a bit snug on me.

But, it's not just the Parisians that are thin. I am here on business accompanied by about 100 fellow travelers from all corners of the world. Of the 100 probably only three of us are overweight and these three are, you guessed it, Americans. Even most of the people with just a few extra pounds are Americans. I wonder why Americans are so fat? Is it mostly due to diet or lifestyle? Oh well. I'm going to continue observing and see what I can learn.

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Jojo said...

I am interested in your observations. Best of luck!!!