Friday, November 2, 2007

Status Update

After another 2 weeks off plan, I had regained a whopping 15 pounds! 3 days into low-carb resulted in a loss of 10 pounds. Now, I know that this weight loss is too rapid to include much fat. I can only assume that the primary difference is either water or how much food was in my digestive track. So, while I can't say that I have just lost 10 pounds of fat, I also can not say that I had gained 15 pounds of fat while off plan!

Today, the beginning of day 5, I weighed 260 pounds. This is still about 9 pounds more than I weighed 3 months ago. But, over the last three months, I only completed one full 11 day carb-down. So, it's not surprising. Regardless, I still weigh 76 pounds less than I weighed when I started on a low-carb plan. And, I am finally back on track.


PJ said...

Well, you've done awesome. I mean maybe any of us, certainly me, can look back and theorize that "if only I'd done as well as I planned...", but the fact is, you've done great!

I was off LC for months. I'd hit a new low of 370 when I stopped, and was 395.5 when I went back on two weeks ago. As of a couple days ago I was 373. So you see, most if not all of it was the water/glycol retained to deal with eating carbs.

But what the hell. 14 months ago I was 467, and before that 482, and I think I was likely over 500 at one point but I didn't have a scale. (Had to visit the local grain elevator to get the weight I finally did!) So, no matter how much I kinda suck sometimes now at my eating (or NOT eating which is usually the more serious problem), I still have to say that I'm over 100# lighter and life is good!

You've done really well on this. I think the carb cycling adds a slight complication in that you probably restore some body driven cravings every HC phase. But you've done so well, so hang in there!

Ginni Dee said...

Being back on track is the important thing.

When you're off plan, do you still watch some things or do you eat pretty much whatever you want?

Hang in there, you're getting back on the horse and that's the main thing! I had a few "glitch" days due to Halloween, but I'm back on it too.

Keep the faith,