Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's been over a year now...

My wife and I have been working on weight loss for over a year now. Long walks, even several miles, no longer winds me. My feet don't hurt. My ankles no longer swell. I no longer have as much trouble with my lower back. I'm no longer tired all of the time. I feel great! Unfortunately, without the aches and pains to remind me, it becomes increasingly difficult to stick with a diet plan. As I approach my goal weight, I find it easier and easier to make excuses to take extra days off of the plan. So, for the last several months, I have perhaps only spent 60-70% of my days doing low carb. As a result, my weight has fluctuated within a ten pound range. The lower end is still 15 pounds away from my original goal of losing 100 pounds (or 18% body fat). I weigh about 260 right now.

My work is picking up this winter. I am told that I must work 3 weeks a month in Paris, France. This intensive travel is fairly certain for January and February but could run through June. I know that in France, I will be doing tons of walking. While there, I'd like to be able to sample and enjoy their local foods. Plus, I'm not sure how easily I would be able to dine out low carb there. I don't know the language and many meals will probably be the result of my guessing at what the menu means. Therefore, I have decided to drop the low-carb "lifestyle" for a while.

I am going to try to eat "normal" food but not binge. I'll commit to doing at least one weigh-in per month each time that I am home in Kentucky. After my first 3 week trip, I should have a better handle on the French foods that I can eat. If my weight has gone up too much (say 20 pounds?) then I will go back on the low carb diet, likely Protein Power Plan rather than carb cycling.

For the near future, I will still be reading various low carb forums. And, I may post occasionally about my status. It is highly likely that I will return to the low carb way of eating. So, I may be back here in a few months actively posting again. In the mean time, I wish you all luck in your personal diet adventures. I have grown vary fond of many fellow weight-loss bloggers. I almost feel like friends with some even though we've never met. I absolutely love the support and camaraderie that the online low carb community has provided. I seriously doubt that I would have lost 80 pounds without this support. Thanks!

Au revoir pour maintenant,
Big Daddy D


OnlineChristian said...

I have enjoyed your posting on the low carb lifestyle. I am sorta sad to see you moving away from this low carb way of life.

I hope you enjoy your trips to France and that it all works out OK for you.

If you come back to this, know you've got the support of plenty of low carb friends out here pulling for you!

Oh.2.B.Fit said...

Wishing you much luck with everything :) We all gotta do what we gotta do. Just be happy :)

Peace ^_^V

Master Cleanser said...

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PJ said...

Hey, have as much fun as life and the job allows. I hope everything works out great for you, your wife and kid, your job, and your experience in a new country!


Sherrie said...

That sounds like a really good opportunity, have fun!

I would try to weigh as often as possibly though, might be a bit dangerous not weighing for a month?

Good luck

Big Daddy D said...

Sherrie, I know a month sounds like a long time... but I'll be staying in a French hotel room for 3 week runs so any more frequent would be nearly impossible.