Monday, October 22, 2007


I have experienced very little weight change for 3 months.... This is partly because I have not been very true to my plan. It's become increasingly frustrating as I have had a hard time losing the final 15 to 20 pounds. As such, I've let myself slack on the plan. The fact of the matter is that I love food. And, when dining out, it's been very nice to order what looks best rather than the one or two menu items that with substitutions would meet my diet needs. I realize that I can't continue like this or else I likely will re-gain the 80+ pounds that I have lost. I need to take a little time to re-evaluate my current state and intentions. And, I hope to get my mind back in focus. It's too easy to tell myself that I can go back on the diet after the holidays... this, I know is procrastination which could lead to infinite delays. Hopefully, I'll be back on track soon.

I'm not telling you this in hopes of pity or understanding. I think what I am going through is natural and quite common. It's a constant battle to keep my mind on track. It's much, much harder when progress is slow and when you are no longer feeling aches and pains related to being grossly overweight.


Anonymous said...

Big Daddy - have you read some of the articles on Dr. Michael Eades blog about inflamation and other health concerns related to a high carb diet? Reading these articles has really helped me to stick with low carb this time around. I have tried LC before but didn't really understand the science behind it. Knowing what is going on in my body with the LC diet has made it so much easier to choose LC. Plus between my workplace and my family I now personally know 8 people with Type 2 diabetes - one of which had his kidneys shut down and needed a kidney transplant. The health risks are too great not to switch to low carb. The food choices on LC are fantastic. You have created some delicious recipes. Perhaps the switching between low carb and high carb has created your current dilemma. Try sticking with LC for a longer period of time and see if it doesn't get easier - especially if you do the research on health risks. I enjoy your blog and your recipes and I hope you can stick with it to lose the next 15-20 pounds and beyond to maintain your health.

JJ said...

I'm in the same boat with you Big Daddy. I lost almost 40 pounds and kept it off for two years then I got hurt and was sedentary for almost a year. I did try to watch what I ate, but the weight just started adding on. I've now gained back 24 pounds.

It's hard to focus sometimes, and I think a LC diet is a committment that needs a conscious effort. And I admit that I just felt so lousy I didn't practice what I had preached.

We are bombarded with so many other choices and it gets to be an effort to be true to ourselves. I can't seem to find that inner spark that got me going in the first place, but I am definitely working on locating it. Hopefully I'll get back on track very soon definitely before the Holidays. I have been through plenty of Holidays without having a problem and certainly didn't starve, so I know I can do it again.

Let's do it together?

Richard Goodwin said...


I lost 90% of my weight on low carb and stayed that weigh for a couple of years.

A few months ago my wife and I started Body for Life. It advocates 6 small meals a day, and yes, some carbs are included but he does advocate low glycemic carbs AS NEEDED like whole wheat bread.

Perhaps most important is the exercise regimen: 20-45 mins 6 days a week. It sounds excessive, but you get into the groove quickly. Over time I've dropped some of the workouts but still do 20-30mins every other day on my treadmill in the spare room. Honestly it's the best $500 ever spent on my house! Being able to just roll out of bed and go run makes it super easy to stay "faithful". At any rate, that aerobic exercise, in the pattern he recommends, seemed to help quite a bit.

He does pitch a lot of foods/supplements, but they are optional, and I haven't used them since the 2nd week or so. The website has everything you need for free, like the old did.

Check my low-carb link for authenticity of my background :), or shoot me questions if you have them!

Leslee said...

Big Daddy, Found your site while googling for low carb crepes recipes. I wish I could say I was already as successful with the diet as you have been ...congratulations! I've started the diet, not only because I'm more than 100lbs over weight, but mainly because of diabetes type 2. I appreciate the glimpse into your personal diet adventure.It helps to know that one is not alone in this adventure. Thanks. ~Leslee in Alaska

OnlineChristian said...

Hey Dude.


Keep your chin up. You know what you are about. Failure is not an option. Take it a day at a time.
Good Choices. You'll get there!!

Sherrie said...

Hey Big Daddy

Maybe ditch the refeeds for a little while to get back on track and then try having shorter refeeds so you can get into the habit of getting back into the swing of things more quickly instead of procrastinating "just one more and then I'll go back" etc