Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm back...

While off the diet, the most interesting phenomena is that the more carbs that I eat, the more that I crave. When you have a craving, you would suspect that once you ate it that you'd be satisfied... but it doesn't work this way with me... I simply crave more. It's a vicious cycle that I need to come to terms with when I finally reach my goal weight.

My weight has really shot up the last 2 weeks... I'm shocked by the weight that I have gained in a very short time period. So... it's back to low-carb.

I've not yet made up my mind about future "carb up" days. I know we'll work Thanksgiving Day in there but am uncertain of whether or not I'll return to the every-other weekend off the diet. I'm leaning toward 2 or 3 floating days per month. The carb cycling worked great the first few months. For me, it seems that my body (or metabolism) takes about 3 months to find a balance. This means that it is extremely hard to make any long-term plan work well continuously. I find that I need to keep shaking things up to make the diet keep working. I'm not sure of the best approach for continued weight loss. I'm sure that exercise would help but I'm not willing to take that step just yet. With regards to cycling or planned cheat days, my wife and I will have to discuss and agree on an approach that we can both live with...

BTW, I'm in town this week, so keep an eye open for new recipes...


Anonymous said...

Go out and buy (or go to the library) and read "The Brain Trust Program" by Dr. Larry McCleary and "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes. They will explain why you are hungry for more carbs shortly after eating carbs. They will also motivate you to get back on board to increase your chances of staying healthy for the long term.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have anything to do with your monster cravings blog entry. But I didn't find an e-mail address so I'll use the comments instead:

How do you do this carb cycling? How did you paln it? I'm female and 38 and since I have been stalld for 6 weeks now, I'm looking for options. But I'd rather not buy a book, and if I would I wouldn't know which one to buy.


OnlineChristian said...

I'm glad you're back in the fight!

Keep your chin up! Get ketosis rocking and stay at it! You can do this!!

I am having my own battles with LC livin. What used to work great doesn't so much, as I've lost down to lower levels. Gotta cut back some. Portion control. Eat like a littler fellow if I want to be one.

I haven't been excercising yet, but that seems to be an important key for alot of successful people. I am upping my activity gradually, and lowering my portion sizes to see if I can take it to the next level - without hitting metabolism slowing levels.

The stuff (amount of food) that made me successfully lose weight as a 410 pound and 350 pound person are not working so well as I try to get under 300 lbs. Gotta cut back - which is psychologically tough for me - but I am slowly doing it.

Keep at it as this is a life-long journey! I know you have a winning attitude and committment!

Big Daddy D said...


Here is what I have been doing since April:

1. Every other week, allow unlimited carbs 3 days in a row (Friday through Sunday). I usually take in between 300 and 350 net carbs on these days (close to U.S. daily recommendation for my size).

2. Remaining days in 2 week cycle are to be follow low-carb ketogenic diet (like Atkins or Protein Power). I usually take in between 30 and 45 net carbs on these days.

3. Record Weekly weight and measurements on Friday mornings.

4. No cheat days except family birthdays and significant vacations.

5. Cycle start and ends are not set in stone. They may be occassionally moved to accomodate special occasions.

6. Continue until reaching goal. If monthly weight-loss is less than 5 pounds, consider adjusting or trying another diet strategy.

If you follow this, be prepared to see a 5 to 10 pound weight gain the monday morning following the carb up days. But don't despair, this weight is mostly water and will fall off within a two or three days. Good luck.

The first 3 months worked great for me. The last 3 months, I've not been true to the plan and have gotten quite a bit off-track with very few complete 2 weeks cycles.