Monday, September 17, 2007

Ohio Renaissance Festival

This weekend, we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, just North of Cincinnati. I was delighted to find their concessions to be very kind to my diet. Most meals consisted of things like turkey legs, "steak on a stake", chicken on a stick, etc. These items are perhaps not the most balanced meals but very low-carb and high in protein.


Amy said...

We used to live in Columbus and attended the Renaissance Festival every year. It was the highlight of our summer! My husband and son just loved the turkey legs! Thanks for bringing back great memories!!!

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy,
Those meats on a stick/stake are a life-saver for me on those rare times we order Chinese food; besides spare ribs (without the bbq sauce, of course) most restaurants have either a chicken or beef on a stick appetizer--it really, really helps one feel included in the menu; glad you brought this up!