Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ketosis and Calories

Does anyone know if ketosis results in weight loss regardless of consumption of calories from fat and protein? It would seem that when in ketosis that the old adage of "calories consumed vs. calories burned" doesn't apply. I'm ultimately trying to figure out whether or not it is really beneficial to count calories while doing low-carb.


Anonymous said...

Calories still count in ketosis, but the ketones in the blood suppress the appetite. The more fat eaten the more ketones the less hunger. Fat storage mainly happens in the presence of insulin. On low carb only the protein causes a mild insulin response. To jump start slow weight loss in ketosis higher fat makes more ketones and also means eating less protein. So less insulin and more ketones.

Sparky's Girl said...

I'm not sure I can agree. I lost weight, while in ketosis and consuming approx. 2000 calories a day. Honestly, I don't believe that calories in and calories out are as critical as many would like us to think. At least not with the low-carb lifestyle. That's just my opinion based on my experience.

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy, so many questions, so many answers, so little time! LOL!!!
Your question gets answered based on who you ask; for instance, many a low-carbohydrate lifestyler will tell you that a metabolic advantage exists chemically due to the fact that you're forcing your body to burn it's own fat stores due to being under your own personal cut-off of carbohydrate consumption; Atkins said for most it hovered at the 20 gram mark; others say it can be 30, 72, or even 100.
Ultimately, I find it a pain in the ass to count calories--it already requires work to count carbohydrate grams, so who needs another task in this busy, difficult life anyway? (Unless you eat as close to zero as possible; i.e. you walk around with a protein and fat list in your head that you choose from with each meal that passes; that helps steer you away from even counting carbs--but still, you have to watch yourself)

I'm only saying the above because it helps with long-term adherence. Hard to spend your life counting.

That being said, I think a key issue here might be patience.

I find to maintain a new weight I've landed at, I don't have to count calories.

This is where I'm going to get yelled at--if you want to speed up the weight loss (which in the long run is absolutely pointless) due to frustration or some unrealistic goal you may have inadvertently set or let someone else set for you, then, sure, counting calories will speed up that process.

But to me, that's a pandora's box. You immediately (not you, per se, but let's say, me) start rationalizing that a calorie is a calorie, so why can't I have my Pop Tarts for breakfast and then have just a salad for lunch? See where I'm going here? It can be a deadly trap for the carbohydrate addict.

Look at what's going on with these poor people who hurt themselves emotionally and physically doing KimKins? That's calorie counting and restriction gone awry.

Sorry about the incessant babbling, but to finally answer your question, friend, in the immortal words of the great inventor Ron Popeil, "just set it and forget it!" i.e.--keep your carbs as low as you can and do your best to live a good, healthy life.

Diana Schwarzbein, who authored one of my favorite books on using a low-carbohydrate lifestyle to heal the body, 'The Schwarzbein Principle,' says she repeatedly tells her patients to expect weight loss/recovery/healing to take place in a year. Not exactly music to my ears, but maybe that's what it is all about--patience.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Comments from everyone.

In my experience too much fat and the scale does not move the way it should. Fat should be about 4 tps per day and a raw (fresh) oil like EFA blend is great, mixed with 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Limiting carbs too low...(under 40 -30 ) for most people can cause a higher ketone result which can have side effects like gout, and the body not staying alkaline (apple cider vinegar helps with the alkaline part). You should have protein the size of a deck of cards totaling 4 for a female and 5 for a male. This will give you close to the RDA. Calories do count, too much, again the scale won't move the way you want it to. Hypo Glycemic Ketosis is a safe and natural way to help the body reduce fat without losing muscle! However, proper nutrient support is key so you do not lose your hair, weaken your organs, etc...
It is best overseen by a practitioner.
www.ultralite.us is a practitioner based program for ketosis. Over 12 years old and the #1 program in Australia. Check it out if you need support, they can help.