Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blog Tag

A while back, I was "tagged" by Breadless Mrs. B. This is a meme game that bloggers are playing where each person who is "tagged" is supposed to tag several other people. This chain asks that I post 8 interesting facts about myself. I'm not real fond of chain mails. But at least this one didn't threaten me with all kinds of terrible things that would happen if I were to break the chain. And, since I am starting to feel that I know many of my fellow diet bloggers, I guess it wouldn't hurt to share a little about myself.

  1. Back in college, I was a strict vegetarian for over six months. During this time, I was careful to get the proper nutrients and felt great. Sometimes I contemplate this while I am enjoying a nice big Atkins friendly steak.

  2. I have 3 more blogs that are not as active as this one: My Old Kentucky Homepage (photos of Kentucky), The Sky is the Limit (our son Skylar), and The Expecting Father (a pregnancy journal).

  3. We have a chocolate Labrador named Johann Sabastian Bark. He lives in our house and has severe allergies. After having tests run on him, we found that he allergic to just about everything that is commonly used to make dog food (corn, beef, dairy, fish, rice, etc.). He is also allergic to most insects and pollens. For a while, we gave him allergy shots but now control it mostly through a very strict diet. Regardless, he is constantly scratching and sheds more than most dogs.

  4. Our box turtle, Yertle, is named after a Dr. Zeus character. We have had it since he was the size of a quarter. I feel a bit guilty about keeping him in captivity. But, we can't release it to the wild as he might not know how to survive. The life expectancy of turtles is so long that future generations of my family will likely have to care for him.

  5. I consider myself a "neuronaut" and enjoy exploring and altering my perception of reality. As such, I frequently read books on philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and metaphysics. I am fascinated by dreams and meditation. Along these lines, I also believe that our expectations are a very powerful force influencing the world around us.

  6. I am a certified supply chain professional employed by an enormous manufacturing company. For the last two years, I have been working on a immensely complex global system implementation project. The project will impact over 30,000 users and has a budget of well over a billion dollars. Unfortunately my salary hardly amounts to a drop in this bucket. I love this line of work because I get paid to think and interact with interesting people.

  7. Years after the death of Jerry Garcia, I still listen to the Grateful Dead. Back in the 90's I often attended "rainbow gatherings". These gatherings basically amounted to dead heads hanging out in forests awaiting the next Grateful Dead tour. I have a great deal of respect for the rainbow tribe and aspire to be a bit more care free myself.

  8. I have visited 14 countries. Someday, I hope to have set foot on all seven continents.

As for tagging 8 more people, I am the weak link, the end of the road. Sorry to be a party pooper. I don't perpetuate chain mail.


Amy said...

It was fun getting to know more about you. Thanks for posting your blog tag!

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy,
Thanks for sharing that info about yourself--you sound like a very interesting young man. I too, am interested in all things metaphysical, spiritual, etc.
Enjoying your blog and getting to know you!

PS Garcia was a great man.

Breadless MrsB said...

Mission accomplished!! And I'm not a fan of chain mail, either. I'm secretly (well, not-so-secretly anymore) glad you put a stop to it - hehe.

Sue said...

Nice observation, thanks. I don’t visit your blog every day, but when I
visit your blog I enjoy browsing through your old posts and try to catch up
what I have missed since my last visit.