Monday, September 10, 2007

Baja Bob's Sugar Free Margaritas

Tonight, we tried Baja Bob's sugar-free original margarita and strawberry margarita. I was pleasantly surprised. They're actually pretty darned good. I wouldn't hesitate to serve guests whether they are on a diet or not. These mixes make wonderful zero carb margaritas.

I suspect using rum instead of tequila would result in great daiquiris as well!

Hey, even if you don't want to drink alcohol, try making virgin ones. Or add some berries to make a low carb smoothy.

I am very happy to have discovered this mix am going to try the powdered version next. I bought it from I find myself buying a large number of specialty products there.

While we are on the subject of alcohol, does anyone know if alcohol could halt ketosis? I have read articles that claim alcohol slows weight loss and I have read articles that say there is no impact. Obviously a little won't hurt. But does anyone know if a night of heavy drinking might kick you out of ketosis? It's hard to tell for sure by analysing my food journal because alcohol causes dehydration. Therefore, the more I drink, the less I weight. But since this is a loss of water, I'm not sure of the impact on burning fat. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

I am hoping that I can honestly say that country music line, "Tequila makes my clothes fall off."


Jah Frog said...

Alcohol halts ketosis. The body burns alcohol for fuel first. With the vast differences in individual metabolism, some folks may show no impact from the time ketosis is stalled, others may take more time to get back to burning fat.

Big Daddy D said...

Found Baja Bob's at Meijer, so might not have to order via mail anymore...

fight diabetes said...

hey i tried one of Baja Bob's Sugarfree recipes and its good!

Anonymous said...

Just got our order in today.. Got a variety of mixes to try.. Sour mix recipe for whisky sours is awesome.. I was a little surprise that the bottles were smaller then I 1st thought.. Advertised is 33.8 bottle but photo shows what looks like a 1.75 liter bottle, came in at 32 ounce bottles. Disappointment there. Watch which site you buy from. BaJa Bob’s original site seems to be the better buy.