Thursday, August 23, 2007

Over Ten Thousand Visitors

Today is a milestone for my blog. I have had over 10,000 visitors resulting in over 25,000 page views. At this time, I am getting close to 400 visits from unique IP addresses per week. When I started this blog one year ago, I never expected this many people to actually read it. I'd like to thank each of you for reading and commenting. And, I especially want to thank those of you who have put links out there that lead others to my site!

My hit counter keeps track of referrals. This basically gives me a list of the web sites that people were on when they clicked on a link to my site. Because of this, I know how many of you first stumbled upon my blog. The top sources of hits are:

  1. Google searches. The most common search is for "buffalo chicken dip" followed by numerous searches for "low carb" combined with various ingredients.
  2. Linda's Low Carb Menus and Recipes, a very good source of low-carb recipes and information.
  3. Low Carb Mania, a low carb blog feeds site run by PJ of The Divine Low Carb blog.
  4. My own Low Carb Blogs feeds site.
  5. news.
  6. Links from posts in forums. Sometimes these are my posts, sometimes they are posts from people who are talking about me.
  7. Jimmy Moore's Low Carb Links site.
  8. Blog Lines. I'm not really sure what this site is. It looks like a way to setup personal lists of blog feeds.
  9. searches on "low carb" combined with various ingredients.
  10. Various other low-carb blogs. As a matter of fact, I have discovered many great blogs by following my hits back to their referring URL's.


Sparky's Girl said...

Congrats! I'm quickly closing on the that number as well. I use Bloglines to keep up with the blogs I love to read on a regular basis (yep! I've got you on there).

Anonymous said...

Bloglines is an RSS aggregator (i.e. feed reader). That's how I get your content. For some reason your posts do not show up in their entirety, only the headline displays, then I have to click the link to see the post on your site. My other feeds show most, if not all of the content in the feed in bloglines.

Set up an account & subscribe to your feed & you will see what I mean.

Ginni Dee said...

Hi Big Daddy D!

I just read your response to my blog and am thrilled to find yours! I hope to be as successful as you and your wife and I think this is the way to go. Years ago, I did a diet called "The Rotation Diet" that had a similar purpose. But it involved calories. I think I'll like this one better. I will keep reading your blog, it may be just the boost I need to help me stay with it!

Thanks and have a great day!

Big Daddy D said...

Since making this post, a little over a month ago, I have had 5000 more unique visitors... The number of readers is growing faster than ever before.