Friday, August 31, 2007

Just received a low carb shipment!

My most recent order from has just arrived! My grocery list is as follows:

  1. Da Vinci sugar free syrups -- Everyone keeps telling me to try these. So, I bought a few flavors to test out. I hadn't expected such huge bottles! I popped open the cherry one a moment ago. It tastes like grenadine. So, I poured some into a diet Pepsi. Not bad. I think I'll try to use the cherry to make snow cones.
  2. Splenda Quick Packs -- These have suddenly disappeared from the shelves in all of the grocery stores I frequent. So, I had to order through the mail.
  3. Xanthan Gum Powder -- This is a thickener. I decided to try it because it's the main ingredient in another product called "not sugar". It's not a sweetener, but some claim it creates a sugar-like texture. I'm hoping this will be the key to making better sugar-free cookies. Many people also use it as a thickener for gravy and jellies.
  4. Baja Bob's Sugar Free mixers -- Original margarita, strawberry margarita, and sour apple martini.
  5. Hazelnut Meal -- Good price, cheaper than buying at the local food co-op. You can use this for anything calling for almond meal and it's lower in carbs.
  6. GeniSoy Tortilla chips -- ripped this open as soon as it arrived. They're pretty good but a little higher in carbs than the other low carb chips I've tried. Why is taste and carbs always a trade-off?

The $4.95 for shipping is offset by not having to pay local sales tax. My total is $71.62 and I still have nothing in the house to cook for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey! Sounds like a party at your house! Should I bring the Diet Rite??

laurarey said...

i love the day that goodies are delivered! i havnt ordred anything in a while...buttt..i think i will soon! btw, not enough low carb recipe pictures out there so i love that you post pics of the food! it really gives me a good idea about how it will turn out!

Carol Bardelli said...

I think I found your article on fat cell death! I posted it in my blog with other cell death links.

Check er out. Hope you have a great Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

No Dreamfields?

JJ said...

I love the Da Vinci syrups. Drizzle a little on yogurt for dessert.

Have you tried the Waldon Farms no calorie pancake syrup? It's wonderful on many things.

And yes, like anonymous said, please try the Dreamfields pasta, they are the best low carb pasta I have eaten.