Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Carb Cycling Benefits

As I have said before, I have no formal education in the area of nutrition. Like many of you, I fish through tons of diet information on the Internet looking for what seems logical. The following information is from the website of a Dr. Malkov, author of "The Carb Cycling Diet". I have not read his book (yet) and am not following his plan. But, the website does a good job of explaining the basic concept of carb cycling.

According to, there are four key benefits of a carb-cycling diet (CCD):

CCD reduces refined carbohydrate consumption. That alone gives your pancreas the luxury of a well-needed rest and prevents diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

After sessions of hormone releasing exercise, CCD boosts the level of anabolic hormones — HGH, and testosterone; and that's exactly what you need! When the diet is followed faithfully, it provides powerful anti-aging and health protecting

CCD prevents rapid slowdown in metabolism associated with dieting and aging.

CCD prevents loss of muscle and bone.

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