Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pictures from Our Garden

The following pictures are from my back yard. I have many more vegetables growing that are not displayed here. My plants are not all necessarily low carb but they are delicious.



Yellow Wax Beans

Mystery Peppers. What are these? They're very hot.

One of 8 varieties of tomatoes

One of many varieties of flower, probably not edible.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you will have agreat salsa!


Low Carb Band-It said...

OK, I'm JEALOUS of your garden. Tried to get my husband to rent a rottertiller (not sure about the spelling) because we have all GRASS in the back. I just wanted a small space to grow vegetables that actually taste good, but he was always too "busy" to do it for me. So I'm stuck with FAKE Farmer's Market (they buy it at a warehouse and then sell it at stands) vegetables/fruits. The only thing that is local and fresh is the cateloupe - which is called MUSH MELON for it's HIGH SUGAR content and how mushy and sweet it is. Not exactly what I should be eating! SIGH.

Anyways, the pizza looks SOOOOO good. I plan on trying it soon!

Hey do you have any idea on the calories of the biscuits by any chance?

Big Daddy D said...

To Low Carb Band-It:

Regarding calories, I don't count them. To answer your question, I'd have to look up the ingredients, same as you.

PJ said...

Oh.... I'm SO JEALOUS!! That's beautiful!

And tomatillos! Oh man.

This is the first year I have not done MAJOR gardening in the last six. I'm usually utterly buried, especially in herbs, tomatoes and peppers. I miss the food!!!!

That pepper -- there are several varieties that look just like that, so it's hard to say. I love all of them though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy, what a beautiful garden. Don't know if that variety of daylilly is edible, but the old orange spotted variety is. In the old covered wagon days mothers would give their newly married daughter a start from their garden so that if meat was scarce in the wilds at least their new family would have something to eat and wouldn't starve.