Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Recipes Coming

I am working on perfecting 1 carb peanut butter cookies. So far, they're good but not good enough to post. I'm afraid that by the time that they are good enough that they'll be 2 or 3 carb peanut butter cookies... but even that wouldn't be so bad.

I am also working on a number of meat entrees. I've not been posting many meat recipes as they are easy to come by. But there are a number of dishes that my wife and I eat regularly that would probably still be worth posting.

Right now, I have about 50 recipes posted on this web site. If I add meat recipes, I'd have enough to fill my own cookbook. In fact, I think that I may do just that. I'm not sure the best way to market it. I am leaning toward publish on demand through which would allow marketing through but not through actual book stores. If anyone has tried their hand at writing books, I'd love to hear how you went about it. Regardless, it will be several months at least before I will have it ready to present to publishers.

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Oh.2.B.Fit said...

Hi :)
I have one peanut butter cookie recipe that I tried "tweaking" last night and it turned out Can't wait to see and try yours :)