Saturday, July 28, 2007

Falling Off the Wagon?

My family didn't get to go on their beach vacation last week. As we were leaving town, I learned that my 97 year old grandmother had broken her pelvis. So, instead, we made the 12 hour car trip to Kansas to check on her. Being that we stayed with relatives we thought it would be easier to go ahead and take the week off of the diet. It's just too difficult to explain our dietary requirements to someone else who is planning the menus.

We have re-scheduled our vacation for next week. And, we still plan to take next week off the diet. I'm not sure what we'll do this week. It almost seems not worth dieting this week as it'd take 3 days to slip into ketosis and we'd not realize much loss before we leave town again. However, I am a bit concerned that we might gain back quite a bit by being off the diet for 3 weeks straight. I know it sounds simple... we should just stick with low-carb regardless of the vacation. But, my wife and I love sampling regional foods and vacations are by their very nature centered around enjoying things that you don't get to do every day.... for us, eating what we like best is something we were looking forward to.

I've been doing some form of low-carb dieting for 11 months. And, I have lost 85 pounds. But, I've not yet reached my goal. And, I'm too close to give it up. So, I'm taking these 3 weeks to do what I please and am determined to return to the low-carb "lifestyle" when I return from the beach. Yes, I'm dreading doing my weight and measurements when we return. But, I will be honest and let you all know how much damage I can do in 3 weeks.

I'll likely not be posting much the next couple of weeks. But, I promise you that I will be back. And next year, I will look even better at the beach.

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