Sunday, July 8, 2007

Carb Cycling Findings

I noticed something interesting today. Since I began my 14 day cycles (every other weekend high-carb), I have been losing almost exactly 5 pounds a month, consistently (for 3 months). The last 6 months of doing straight low-carb everyday, my weight loss per month varied between losing nothing and losing 11 pounds. While the average weight loss is the same, carb cycling has given me much more consistent results.
I only wish more people would try my 14 day carb cycling plan so that I would know for certain whether or not it is truly more consistent than low-carb-everyday.


Suzique said...

I'm interested in trying your 14-day carb cycle--sounds interesting. Is there a link to where you lay out exactly what you're doing? (Okay, I'm lazy or I could just keep looking.)

Anonymous said...

Many of us are diabetics who have to eat low carb EVERY day, EVERY meal; we can't take vacations from eating low carb without ruining our BGLs (Blood Glucose Levels). Low carb isn't just for losing weight; it's a lifestyle for good health, diabetic or not.

Eating lots of carbs off and on (besides ruining my health) would keep me craving them. I'm better off to stay away from them and find more low carb things to eat that are just as satisfying and much better for me. Just MHO.

Big Daddy D said...

To Suzique:

The first page of my diet log contains my diet plans. The current plan is at bottom (the 11-3 cycle).

The link is at the right, under the section called "Status Update". Or, you can jump directly to it by using this URL:

PJ said...

I want to! I really do. I am still working on being able to eat regularly enough that I'm not ridiculously low-carb/cal on the normal zones unfortunately. When I get this down more regularly, then I think I can be more experimental.

I am still functioning on an attempt to deliberately eat carbs every other Saturday. Here's hoping that this weekend I do better at choosing foods I really WANT (oatmeal, orange juice, corn) instead of just eating junk like chinese food.

I agree with anon that for diabetics, carb cycling is just not an option alas.

But for those who aren't --

I honestly believe that even aside from the "hope the body doesn't adapt" reason for the cycling, that just being able to eat stuff you normally can't, regularly, ought to be so much more helpful for people doing this eating plan as a permanent way of life. That is, IF eating the carbs does not spark such cravings that the person isn't able to bring themselves back to ketogenic.

I don't seem to have any problem with that at all, but I know some people would. It probably depends on how long I did the highcarb. I'm only doing it 1 day every two weeks, and I deliberately eat totally minimal carbs and lots of protein/fat the next couple days, so I think it just isn't really throwing me out of ketosis.

I think it's good for the body to have that variance in the nature of its foods, mineral/element combinations that it doesn't normally get. Aside from the psychological effect of maybe not feeling so deprived, or tempted to cheat, if one knows they can have the food they want eventually.

I will say though that I do think that eating good foods that are just carby (as opposed to junk) is surely better for the body and cravings. I'm glad that this is consistent for you, and I'm glad that it is letting you eat in a more versatile way.