Thursday, July 12, 2007

Altering Cycle Around Vacation Schedule

Vacations on my plan are high-carb. Yes, read my plan in the diet log at the right of this screen. I wrote it in the rules so it's not cheating. Since I am leaving on vacation soon, I decided that rather than cutting my next cycle in half that I'd just shorten the previous two cycles by a couple of days each. So, instead of being high carb this coming weekend, I did high carb Tuesday through Thursday of this week. Which means that today is day three of my carb-up.

I have been on the road and it has been nice to not have to steer my co-workers away from certain restaurants that aren't health friendly. The night before last, we all went out for pizza. Last night, we dined at Darfon's which has an excellent variety of foods. The thing that looked the best on Darfon's menu, the thing that I craved the most, was the steak. Go figure. The pasta and sandwiches just didn't look appealing. The desserts weren't tempting. And even today, my body isn't craving starchy or sweet foods. Why is it that the days I had set aside for doing high carb have resulted in no cravings for such foods and thus no enjoyment in eating them? On most carb-up days, the more carby foods I eat the more that I want. Perhaps my body has become fully adjusted to the 14 day cycle (11 down 3 up).

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