Sunday, June 10, 2007

Warning about Subway

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went to a Subway restaurant. My wife ordered a low carb wrap. When they were fixing it, I noticed the tortilla looked different. I mentioned this to them and asked if it was still low-carb. They said, "Yes. We have a better tortilla now and it's still low carb." But, they couldn't tell us how many carbs it had. I just found out today that Subway no longer has low carb tortillas. They are more like 35-40 net carbs each. So, be very cautious of promises made by ill informed or uncaring workers at Subway. I am disappointed by Subway in many ways. First, they have prided themselves in being a leader in weight loss and healthier foods but they dropped the only option available for a diet that works much better than low fat. And second, their retail employees obviously don't give a rats ass about customers concerns. I suggest you go to the subway site and place a comment requesting the return of low-carb wraps.

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Jimmy Moore said...

Actually, Big Daddy D, when I spoke with a representative from Subway about this a few months back when I blogged about the removal of the low-carb wrap, they told me that people who are concerned should tell their local Subway restaurant that they want the low-carb wrap back.

Because they are franchises, the local franchisee has the option of adding back select menu items that have been discontinued if there is enough of a consumer demand.

E-mailing corporate headquarters of Subway will do nothing (I used to work in Customer Relations for a major restaurant chain and nothing is done). But tell that local restaurant owner that you won't stop there anymore unless he brings the low-carb wraps back and that speaks volumes.

Best wishes to you, my friend!