Friday, June 29, 2007

This month's carb cycling results...

It feels as if my last 20 pounds to target will never come off. My carb cycling strategy was supposed to prevent plateaus. Well, this wasn't the case during this poorly done 2 week cycle. For the last month, my weight hasn't changed. I have lost about a half inch around my waist and hips. But, this might be due to skin tightening. If not, it means I am gaining muscle while losing fat. I'd rather it be my skin shrinking as I don't want to be saggy.

But, this hasn't been the perfect month.

During my most recent 2 week cycle, I gained 10 pounds during my carb-up days. This is the most that I have gained during any of my 3 day carbs up. My selection of carbs on these days was far from optimal. Rather than fruits, I ate mostly snack cakes and cookies. It seemed that the more of this crap I ate the more that I craved. Regardless, I attribute most of the weight gain to water as carby foods tend to be high in salt and potassium. Which would explain why the entire 10 pounds fell off 2 days into my carb-down period. I also cheated one day during the first week by drinking lots of beer. The beer stopped my ketosis dead in it's tracks. But, by the time Friday came around I had actually lost one pound. During the second week (low carb days 5 through 11), I thought that I was being good and hadn't cheated. I gained two pounds. This means that the net change over the two week cycle was gaining 1 pound. That sucks. And, today, I weighed exactly what I did one month ago.

So, I am looking back over my week to figure out what I did wrong. And by George, I think I have found it. Two nights ago, while on the road, I ate at PF Changes. I ordered a lettuce wrap and stir fry consisting of meat and veggies. I asked them to not bring me any rice. The food was excellent and didn't taste sweet. But, in an attempt to figure out my week's carb intake, I went to the itnernet and looked up what I ate. I had 1/2 of the Chang's Lettuce Wraps, Chicken appetizer (34 of 68 net carbs). And, I ate the entire Beef, A La Sichuan (56 net carbs). I am not sure if the carb count includes rice or not. But even if I subtract carbs from rice, I'm way above my allotment of carbs for the day. In addition to the carbs, I am sure that both dishes were loaded with salt which would cause water retention. So, there you have it. If you are not the cook, be very careful what you eat. Lesson learned.


Cindy Moore said...

These foods do contain a lot of sodium, especially highly processed foods. The glucose itself hold onto water, so the more you eat the more you retain.

The cravings is what I have a problem with. If I were to do this program you're doing, I'd probably fall off and go on a binge. Maybe not for a week or two, but I know it would happen. I've been following a low to very low carb plan, with an emphasis on protein, and I have no desire to eat high carb foods. And if I do get the urge, I keep reminding myself what will happen if I give in.

Carol Bardelli said...

Boy, we lived a similar week! I gained a load of water eating high sodium diet tv dinners. I gained around 7 inches in my waist and belly in just days. And I had doubled my carb intake at the same time. The water and inches coming off now, thank goodness. Good luck! Carol

Big Daddy D said...

Speaking of water... After mowing the yard yesterday, I lost 3 pounds... but didn't record the change.