Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not every cooking experiment is successful...

Regardless of my busy schedule, I have managed to get a little cooking in here and there... However, not all of my experiments are successful. I'm trying to only post the recipes that are of high quality.

Here's some simple experiments that were successful:

We made french fries by slicing and deep frying jicama (Mexican turnip). They tasted great but not like french fries. They remind me a little of sweet potato fries but not quite. This, we will probably do again.

We used jicama to make hash browns. Now, these were AWESOME! I just grated them on a cheese shredder then fried in a skillet with oil. When they were brown, we put them on paper towels then sprinkled with salt. Perfect side item for breakfast or dinner.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a pizza crust that I made. It was pretty good but not fantastic. I've not yet had a chance to make it again. I want to tweak the recipe a little more before posting. But you should see it here once it is up to par.

I came up with my own recipe for biscuits made with cottage cheese and protein powder. These were fantastic. I want to make them one more time before posting so that I know my recipe is written down correctly. This will likely be the next recipe that I post.

Here are some recipes that didn't work out...

So many good dips are low-carb but I can't find much worth dipping. This week, I made some so-so flax crackers. I think I can perfect the crackers but they still need a little work.

Earlier in the week, I made a not-so-great batch of blue berry muffins using coconut flour and flax meal. I think that coconut flour has tons of potential but it is very difficult to work with. Many of my coconut experiments have come out too dry. And many of my flax experiments have been too moist and oily. I thought mixing the two might result in a happy middle ground. But instead they were heavy and rubbery.

Last night, I made a batch of moc-baked apples using a jicama (Mexican turnip). It was awful. I had followed a recipe that I found on a low carb discussion forum. Everybody there thought it was great. I have to admit that it sounded good. But, it wasn't.

A few weeks ago, we made moc fresh apples by soaking jicama slices in lemon juice and sweetener over night. The next day, they tasted a little more like fresh apples. We dipped them in Walden Farm's zero carb caramel sauce. I liked the jicama this way but didn't care much for the fake caramel.


Low Carb Band-It said...

I've had that carmel sauce and you're right, it does leave something to be desired.

I look forward to your blog and check for new updates daily. Thanks so much for taking the time to post things and I LOVE the recipes!!

Good luck on your exam!

Tracy said...

Kohlrabi makes awesome "hash browns" too, especially if you cook them in a really tasty fat, like duck fat. Mmmmm!

Zucchini makes a tasty mock apple crumble as well...haven't tried the jicama for that.