Thursday, May 31, 2007

Re-Cap of my Current Diet Strategy

For those of you who are new to my blog, here is a re-cap of my current diet strategy:

Two Week Carb Cycling (11 down -3 up):

  1. Every other weekend, allow unlimited carbs 3 days in a row (Friday through Sunday).
  2. Remaining days in 2 week cycle are to follow low-carb ketogenic diet (like Atkins or Protein Power).
  3. Record Weekly weight and measurements on Friday mornings.
  4. No cheat days except family birthdays and significant vacations.
  5. Cycle start and ends are not set in stone. They may be occasionally moved to Accommodate special occasions.
  6. Continue until reaching goal. If monthly weight-loss is less than 5 pounds, consider adjusting or trying another diet strategy.
The hypothesis behind carb cycling is that the body metabolism will adjust when given a steady level of carbohydrates. The carb up days are supposed to shock your body to avoid insulin sensitivity. It also gives you a chance to reload any nutrients that might be lacking during the carb down days. From experimenting, I found that a 5-2 cycle (low carb weekdays, high on weekends) didn't work well for rapid weight loss. This is because it took me 3 or 4 days to slip into ketosis, leaving only 1 or 2 days for weight loss. So far, the two week cycle described above seems to work as well as low-carb everyday.

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