Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Other Diet Blogs that I Read

I have started another blogger site: http://lowcarbblogs.blogspot.com.

This new blogger site shows the most recent posts at each of the low carb blogs that I follow. The motivation was to save myself time as well as to share other sites with my readers.

The idea for this page was stolen from PJ of The Divine Low Carb. She had generated a second blogger page that showed all of her favorite low carb blogs along with most recent posts. Her list of favorite blogs can be found at lowcarbmania.blogspot.com.

Hey PJ, you know what they say, "imitation is the finest form of flattery."

Revision 5/30/2007:

Changed URL from http://otherdietblogsthatiread.blogspot.com/ to http://lowcarbblogs.blogspot.com.


Sparky's Girl said...

What a great idea! I use a service called bloglines (www.bloglines.com) to keep track of all my favorite blogs. It does something very similar. I'm flattered that my blog is among your list! Sorry the "latest posts" showing up there aren't actually new. I had to update some links in the old posts and when I did it shows they are all new now. *sigh* I did post two new items today, but those aren't showing up. lol

PJ said...

The more links to stuff, the better for search engines and people who might need inspiration finding us, so I'm all for it. :-)

I'm going to put a note at the top of mine. Sparky's Girl -- sometimes you need to hold down the shift key and press reload, hold down shift until it's done reloading, in order to see the "very latest" RSS listing. That forces a clear on the cache of that page in your browser. Google apparently has a sort of cache going with those RSS feed plugins. Best, PJ

Big Daddy D said...

I switched Sparky's to use atom instead of rss. I didn't know about the shift-reload.

Sparky's Girl said...

Thanks for the tip PJ! I didn't know that little trick.