Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lemonade - 4 net carbs per serving

One thing that I miss on this diet is not being able to drink much juice. Now that summer is here, I have been craving lemonade. And, it dawned on me that lemonade, unlike orange juice, is diluted. Which means that lemonade can be okay on a low-carb diet! For the sweetener, I used Sweetzfree, but you could also use a Splenda Quick Pack. One quick pack equals a cup of sugar. They sweeten as well as normal Splenda but lack the maltodextrine which is used give Splenda bulk to make it easy measure to sugar. Since the quick packs do not have the filler, they dissolve easier in water and have fewer carbohydrates. Most grocery stores stock Splenda Quick Packs next to the koolaid mixes.

Servings: 6 @ about 4 net carbs each.

6 Lemons (2 cups of juice)
4 cups water (adjust to taste)
Equiv. 1 cup sugar

Juice the lemons. The easiest way to juice a lemon is with a citrus press but other methods can work. Add water. Add sweetener. Stir. Enjoy.

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