Sunday, May 13, 2007

80 Pounds Lost

Well, as of this morning, I have officially lost 80 pounds. I have only 20 to go before reaching my goal weight of 236 pounds. It definitely seems to get more and more difficult to lose weight as my body becomes leaner.

I am half way through my third 11 to 3 carb cycle. This strategy requires me to follow a regiment of 11 days low carb (30-45 net carbs) followed by 3 days of high carb (minimum 190 net carbs, no maximum). The first cycle, I actually gained one pound. The second cycle, I lost about 2 pounds. I am half way through the third cycle and have lost about 5 pounds. In total, my first 5 weeks of 11 to 3 cycling has resulted in about a net loss of 6 pounds. This is about what I was losing when I was on a slightly modified version of protein power. So, my premature conclusion based on only my self is that it works equally well. I am not certain what sort of results my wife has been having.

As my body adjusts to the cycling, it will be interesting to see if the weight loss rate will increase. If so, I may reach my goal very soon. But, I fear that as my body becomes leaner that losing weight is bound to become more difficult...


About PJ said...

Congratulations!! That rocks. Well yes it might be a little more difficult -- mostly I suspect that it requires fewer calories and more exercise. But look at the bright side, as you get leaner, that should get easier!

I am really interested to hear your wife's results as well. I've been watching your blog for the carb cycling updates because I really want to see real-life examples of that. 11-3 huh? I'm reinducting right now so I guess I have to get fully set in Ketosis for a couple weeks before shifting into a cycle. I hadn't decided what cycle to use. Maybe I'll use 11-3, if it's working for you guys. Do you have a problem with carb cravings after the 3??

Big Daddy D said...

I think cravings are about the same as doing straight low-carb... I have cravings throughout the carb-down period. When not traveling, I tend to cook alot of low-carb desserts. But, when I travel, I satisfy the cravings with sugar-free chocolates. I love Dove rich dark chocolate with raspberry.

My wife and I often find ourselves planning the carb-up days well ahead of time. If we could only put this much planning into our down days then life would be much easier. I think it helps me not to cheat because we have the carb up days to look forward to.

Also, because we have no limits on our carb-up days, we tend to over-do it a bit. My wife jokingly says that the cycling is causing us to developing an eating dissorder. We get every craving out of our system the first 2 days and almost don't care to do high-carb on day 3.

I've also noticed that after a few cycles, our carb-up day choices are changing. we are starting to eat more fruits on the up days and less pastries. A pancake breakfast doesn't sound as good as it used to. This is based on our cravings not attention to nutrition.

As for my wife's results.... she's not writing down her weight anymore. Because women's weight fluctuates more than men's, it's hard to be certain what the trend is. Also, last week, she opted to take mother's day off the diet, breaking the down-cycle. It seems to be working but we're not sure how fast she is losing weight.

The Wife! said...

Over the coures of the last couple of weeks I seemed to have gained 4 pounds. I don't know how much of this could be water weight, I am hapoing that quite a bit of it is. Unfortunately it seems to be that time for me. However, The week before that after the 3 day up cycle, I did loose around 5 pounds. I hate to say it but I am still around 40 pounds away from the high end of where I want to be. The low end seems so far away at this point and my loving husband keeps telling me that I am being rediculous and should never try to get down to that small. But, we all dream don't we? That doesn't stop me from trying. I was hoping that before my beach vacation that I would be down to my goal weight, but I don't thinkt hat is going to happen, but I have come along way and I am really happy about my success so far. :)