Monday, April 2, 2007

Soda Pop Barbeque Chicken - 4 net carbs per serving

Several popular diet websites and diet blogs are carrying on a debate of whether or not you should drink diet soft-drinks while on a low-carb diet. I not only drink diet pop but also have begun cooking with it! Today, I made an outstanding low-carb barbeque chicken using Diet RC. The chicken became so tender while cooking that it easitly broke apart into what is called "pulled" barbeque. The flavor of this dish is superb and tangy! Tomorrow, I will be eating the left-overs on toasted low-carb white bread with melted provolone cheese.

I recommend using any diet cola that does not contain aspartame. Some people claim that heating the sweetener aspartame will cause it to break-down into by-products that are harmful to your health. I don't think that these by-products are really that dangerous, but the resulting barbeque sauce might not taste as sweet. So, play it safe and cook with Splenda sweetened soft drinks such as diet RC. This means that the most common diet soft drinks such as diet Coke, diet Pepsi, and diet Dr. Pepper are out.

Servings: 4 pieces of chicken = 4 servings; 4 net carbs per serving.


2-4 chicken breasts (or other cuts with or without bones)
1 can diet cola (w/out aspartame)
1 cup low-carb ketchup (Heinz 1 carb or reduced sugar)
1 T. dehydrated minced onion
2 T. yellow mustard
2 T. Worcestershire Sour Sauce


Place all ingredients in skillet. Cook on high until boiling. Reduce heat to medium-low and cover. Cook one hour. Remove cover, stir. Turn heat up to medium and cook uncovered until sauce thickens (about 15-20 minutes). Meat should now be tender and can easily be pulled apart if desired.


Fat Victoria said...

Oh yeah...I can't give up my diet soda!

Shancopp said...

I make this alot, but I use only the diet cola (usually Kroger brand) and low carb spaghetti sauce (Hunts Garlic and Herb..5 net carbs per 1/2 c serving). That lowers the carb count overall. Sometimes I toss in a handful of frozen onions/pepper mix towards the end. yum!

Chrissi said...

I have been dying to try this recipe out. I found a diet soda w/o aspartame. I also used Hunts No Sugar Added spaghetti sauce which has 4 net carbs per 1/2 cup. After it was all done the flavor was good. I added a 1/2 t. of liquid smoke because I was looking for that bbq taste and it sure did it. I had to make coleslaw to go with it. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I will be making the sauce by itself to use as my low carb bbq sauce.

Daron said...


Liquid smoke sounds like a perfect addition! I use it in lots of dishes such as fajitas. And, the one time I fix BBQ, I forgot the smoke! Thanks for the recommendation.

By the way... I'm curious about the use of spaghetti sauce. After it cooks down, doesn't it cause the italian spices to become too strong? I'd have thought basil and oregano wouldn't mix well with BBQ???

Anonymous said...

I make this with Diet Pepsi, Ketchup & Mustard. It has been a family favorite since I was little. Now I use low carb ingredients so I can continue to enjoy it.