Sunday, April 15, 2007

Better Bread That's Low Carb - 3 net carbs per serving

Last week, I was trying to make a low carb bread. I had already put some of the ingredients in my bread maker when I realized I didn't have enough of one of the key ingredients, wheat gluten. So, I put in a mixture of other low-carb flour-like ingredients including wheat bran and almond meal. The result was an even better bread. I've baked it three times now to insure that the recipe was consistently good. It has far fewer carbs than typical store bought diet breads. The downside of this recipe is that it uses 5 different flours that most people do not typically have in their kitchen. I love this bread and highly recommend that you hunt down the ingredients.

Servings: 12 pieces at 3 net carbs each.


2 packets rapid rise yeast
1/2 c. vital wheat gluten
1/2 c. almond meal
1/2 c. crude wheat bran
1/2 c. soy flour
2/3 c. flax meal
1/4 c. Splenda (or equivalent)
2 T. butter
2 eggs
1 c. water


Put all ingredients in bread machine. Set "light" browning setting. Turn on according to your bread machines instructions.


Dreamboat said...

Hey Big Daddy D --

I make bread sometimes, but without a machine. Can you tell us about how long your machine is baking and approximately what temperature? This sounds good and I'd live to give it a try.

bayoubabe said...

Hi, just wanted to let you I made your recipe in my bread machine today. Check out the results :)

Nanny Dee said...

Thanks for the great recipe -- do you think I could use oat bran in place of crude wheat bran? Thank you!

Nanny Dee said...

Thanks for the great recipes. Today a friend and I tried this bread and have a question. The bread had a great texture, but a bitter aftertaste. We were wondering if this is common and possibly caused by soy flour (we've heard soy flour is bitter) or possibly one of our other ingredients. We bought everything new at the store, so didn't think anything would be off-taste. Too bad, because I made French toast and if not for that bitter taste, it would have been great! Any thought to what it could be? Thank you!