Friday, March 2, 2007

Week 28 Results from Straight Low-Carb

We have been roughly following the Protein Power Plan, which is very similar to Atkins. The main difference is that we have been allowing ourselves two days a month off of the diet. These days off have made it easier to stick with the plan. My wife and I typically spend more time planning the days off than the days on. I have noticed that each day off results in a slight weight gain followed by faster weight loss. This is partly why we are going to try the carb-cycling experiment (more on this later). Over the last few months, I have an average monthly loss of only about 5 pounds. This is so disappointing as it is less than a third of what I was losing the first couple of months.

Detailed stats* (end of week 28**):

Total Weight: From 336 to 264.6, 71 pounds lost
Pounds of Fat: From 123.8 to 68.0
Lean Body Wt. From 212.2 to 196.6
Est. Body Fat: From 36.9% to 25.7%
Waist: From 56.5 to 47.5 inches, 9 inches
Hips: From 54.5 to 48.5 inches, 6 inches

I have potentially lost about 14 pounds in lean body weight. Carrying around 71 pounds less than before means that my muscles aren't getting the work-out that they used to. A little muscle loss should be expected since I am not doing any weight lifting. And, I feel absolutely great. I do not tire nearly as easily as before! I am not falling asleep at my desk. I feel much more awake in the mornings. I feel and look fabulous (see comic in last post).

Not bad, huh?

*If you have a keen eye for detail, you may notice that the pounds fat, lean weight, body fat %, etc. do not match perfectly to the earlier weekly updates. I have re-calculated all of my stats using a different formula. The numbers here do match the numbers in my spreadsheet (link in right column).

**I have changed my weekly weigh-ins and measuring from Sunday to Friday. This means that week #28 was cut short by a two days. The reason for the weigh-in day change is that we are beginning carb-cycling today. Friday and Saturday will be carb-up days. Sunday will be the first carb-down day in the cycle. I wanted the weekly reports to reflect the end of the carb down period and therefore not be affected by the carb-induced water gain.

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