Monday, March 26, 2007


Saturday, I was thumbing through Parenting Magazine and came across a brief article on sugar free Peeps. The author said something to the effect of "since new Peeps are sugar free, you can fill your children's Easter baskets full, guilt free." The author apparently didn't know about the high levels of sugar alcohols nor that this can cause many people severe bowel problems. With sugar alcohols becoming so prevalent, I wonder how many well-meaning parents will be providing their kids with mass quantities of Easter candy laced with sugar alcohols. I suspect the result may be many small children soiling their nice little pastel colored Easter outfits. It's one thing to market sugar alcohols to adults via chocolate covered peanuts and turtles, but it is quite another to market them toward children. I think that I am starting to agree with Suzzieque's assessment of sugar-free Peeps.

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