Sunday, March 4, 2007

First Carb Up Cycle Complete

I had determined my ideal carb-up range to be between 90 and 350 net carbs. On my first "carb-up" day, I accidentally went over by 23 carbs. 350 seemed so high that I didn't think I'd have anything to worry about.... I looked the carbs up after I got home from lunch. Oops.

On day two, I had 274 net carbs. I had made my best guess at Krystals. When I came home, I went to to look up Krystals carb counts. I had guessed pretty close overall but was way over-estimating on some items and way under-estimating on others.

It seems with a target this high, there is a whole lot more room for error. While I am pretty good at estimating net carbs on low-carb items, I've found the high-carb items to be very difficult. My carb-up days are as hard or harder to count as my first low-carb days had been. I am clueless about many of the foods that I had intuitively known were out during low-carbing. Also, after looking back on it, I think I could make much wiser choices regarding the foods I eat on the "up" days.

Anyways, I gained 5 pounds during my 2 "carb-up" days. I suspect this is mostly water weight. And, it is about what I had expected going into the "carb-up" days. Today was the first "carb-down" day. I hope to reach Ketosis again tomorrow morning or Tuesday morning... If this carb-cycling diet works, then I think I've found something awesome that I can live with.

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